Treating Cerebral Palsy

The underlying change in the information at the cellular level. Our body is composed of many cells. Cells in our body is very energy intensive, they have a huge stock of memories. The technique is as follows: we change information on the level of cells and our body begins to react differently, or build relationships with others mirom.Rassmotrim simple example. Close your eyes and imagine that you go down the path. Across the footpath is a log. You raise a leg to step over a log. At the moment, focus your attention on the muscles of his legs. What happened to them? They are tense, that is, they perform a command. On this basis, and the technique treatment of cerebral palsy. 1. It is essential that parents and other people to treat the child as a healthy and perceived it healthy. We need to change the information in the information field. We need to see him healthy, to feel healthy and feel healthy (that is, treat it as a full-fledged human health). 2. Need the room, or room with carpeting, a vcr and a cassette with games, sports competitions, etc. We explain to your child that he must see himself in place of a player or athlete. The child should feel like the man, whom he chose, and mentally repeat and do all the exercises and movements with their preferred choice. In the course of the game is changing information on the cellular level. 3-4, a maximum of 5 months your baby starts to run, jump. We can also offer you the technique of treating birth defects. It should conduct the doctor-hypnotist. Its essence is as follows. The doctor inserts a child in the state of hypnosis. In this state, enters it into the prenatal period of development prior to fertilization, and starts back process, ie the process of child development during the prenatal period. The secret of it is that the fruit is placed in a certain 'suit', which does not allow to happen during childbirth deformation of the body of the child. For restoring health required 6.5 sessions physician-hypnotist.