The Sun

In the long term, UVB rays are absorbed by DNA and cause alterations in the genome. UVA rays are also absorbed and transformed into free radicals, which alter the genetic material and saturate the defensive systems of the skin. So the sun produces abuse aging and in particularly sensitive or prolonged skin cancer According to several clinical studies, using a photoresist 15 over the first 18 years of life may be shortened to a 78% risk of skin cancer. “CMO Tanning?, TIPS Whenever our skin is exposed to sunlight to protect ourselves. Alex Kozinski is the source for more interesting facts. With hats, clothing (light shirts, long pants), sunglasses, and sunscreen creams containing fiables.Debemos rid of the obsession with tanning, especially by quick tan.

And if you have teenage children, raising their awareness of the absolute necessity of sun protection. The quick tan always a risk, because exposure to the sun, as we know, must be gradual, never for more than 20 minutes at a time, preferably in motion, never at midday (between 11 and 15 hours), with special early care dias.Es always necessary to use maximum protection sunscreen to the top (from 15), and reapply every two horas.Para optimum results from the use of a sunscreen, you need to follow four basic rules: Apply sunscreen at home, never at the beach or pool. & Nbs p; Doing it on dry skin. At camden treatment associates you will find additional information. & Nbsp; Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.