DNS Names

If there is a ping to ip-address and dns-name, a page is not loaded, then go to your browser should be. First of all check your browser: to see if the stand-alone mode and a proxy server? If the settings are correct, but the page is not loaded, then try to register in the command prompt, type netsh winsock reset, after which the need to restart your computer. If you go to a site where yesterday went well, and now find yourself at another site that is not credible (erotikaxxxprosba send sms), you should go to the Windowssystem32driversetchosts. The hosts file is opened with notepad. On the lines beginning with #, you can not pay attention – it's comments and the work they have no effect. Typically, the file contains one line localhost, if you have any other, it is likely a manifestation of undesirable effects. It is easy to understand if the IP-address in the other rows is always one, and DNS-names in each row are quite different. In the If the answer is all of the resources and the IP and DNS, hosts file is clean, and all the other teams did not help, it is necessary to check carefully – if not exactly open up absolutely all of the sites? Perhaps you have strayed setting MTU, is responsible for package size, which can lead to the discovery of any part of the site and the discovery of other unsuccessful.

There are two ways to modify the MTU – manually through the registry of Windows, or third party software. To go to the Editor An option DriverDesc, but we need one that has this value will match the name of the network adapter through which you surf the Internet. If found necessary, in the same section, there is an option NetCfgInstanceId, whose value to remember. Got it? Now go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip Parameters Interfaces, inside which there is a section equal to the value NetCfgInstanceId, who found out earlier. If there is already setting MTU – fix it by 1400, or other suitable number. If there is no Edit – Create – Parameter DWORD. It seemed difficult? Use any tweaker or tuner to the network. The text was about the most common causes which lead to problems displaying pages when running Internet, so that, hopefully, for most users, these tips may come in handy.