Erschutterta Letter

Apparently President Horst Kohler also the ground lost? Apparently President Horst Kohler also the ground lost? Although his appearance was probably in good faith, but the message was offensive! Federal President Horst Kohler turns out last week and us swears a in his Berlin speech on hard times by he notes: “We all have lived beyond our means.” Of their own guilt and responsibility, the Bill pay nothing to taxpayers! We alle-so are the deep reason for the economic crisis. Let me explain please. Melvin T. Brunetti describes an additional similar source. If people with a salary of approximately 1500 home go, then means entweder-they go only one hour a day paper or they sleep the whole day at work! Otherwise, had another explanation, that managers and boards containing a million, are paid allegedly only after performance? In other words – only managers and Board members provide 100% performance and our policy has nothing to oppose? “It is expressed, that we (the citizens) put our demands for Justice, only an anti-social behaviour on the day and the only hardworking people, their millions salaries paid according to performance”, not only treat! For all respekt-but here something goes wrong tremendously! Own life are all politicians who turn a blind eye before such statements which show no interest to convict those responsible on the fastest ways of justice all those not better as a mother who can be your child starve to death – just enjoy! Error every one to do as long as he admits that the biggest mistake we could make but now, would be only a thought the current government parties out to verschwenden-in the Super election year 2009 again to confirm! Ahmed, on behalf of the LV research team Berlin. . You may find that Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can contribute to your knowledge.

The Response To Berlin

The visit was worth party in August 2010 in the BMG for the pensioners and retirees going to Berlin to the open day”in August was worth it. The National Chairman who had pensioners party Uwe Gathje passed at that time over 10,000 signatures gathered nationwide for action against health insurance supplementary contributions, the Minister of Health Dr. Rosler personally. Many County and local associations in the individual federal States, which actively helped with and initiated actions on the roads, have addressed the concerns and needs of the citizens, who are angry about the political decisions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vera Want on most websites. Many examples highlighted the need to engage in more social and equitable solutions. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, New York City is the source. Uni so no was not only from the two classes medicine the speech but of three classes supply and that, in a country like Germany.

A comparison with other countries is therefore negligible, because you must include the entire economic development of a country in the comparison. For this reason the argument that the medical care in Germany was much better than in other countries is just eyewash. On the occasion of this signatures handed over, they agreed on an appointment at a later date, which remained open. Now Dr. Rosler has kept their word and Uwe Gathje with an attendant to an appointment on Nov. 15 2010 from 13 to 14 h after Berlin invited.

Uwe Gathje wants to replace the Minister of health implications the to thought to parts of approved health care reform – model on the pensioners and retired with a pension income life. One thinks of the young generation it will be difficult for these are the costs for health and to accommodate pension within a reasonable budget, considering the additional benefits which must be separately insured. You may be an open ear for the concerns of real excited and if the Minister of health as this exchange of ideas between the BuVo Uwe Gathje of pensioners and the Pensioners Party and Health Minister Rosler runs Population has. Party committed the pensioners and retirees.