Guide For Parents

I read a brochure of the orgasnismo of prevention of fire from the United States, which makes us reflect on the danger of fires in homes, and I think important to mention, given that we always think things pass you to others, there are facts such as: the likelihood that children under the age of five years die in a fire is twice that of the rest of the people. See Cindy Crawford for more details and insights. In fact, children between 3 and 4 years cause a large number of fires in the home by playing with matches and lighters. When a fire occurs, infants and young children cannot escape without their help. Help keep safe the children under their care. Prepare make your home safer by keeping all matches, lighters and other initiators of fire out of the reach of children; checking smoke detectors work and developing a fire escape plan. Practice fire prevention especially the home fire escape plan! Prevent the impensable-Hecho: matches, lighters and other heat sources they are the leading cause of fire deaths among children under five years of age. Fact: Two-thirds of the home fires that kill children occur in homes where they have no working smoke detector. My son is curious about fire.

Should I worry? What can I do? Yes, you should be worried and there is much that can be done. Children do not understand the danger of fire. In fact, many fires that end up with the lives of the children begin when they get to play with matches and lighters. Calm and firmly explain to children that matches and lighters are tools for adults to be used very carefully. Teach young children to tell an adult when are matches or lighters. Always keep matches and lighters out of the reach and sight of children, preferably in a locked drawer. Buy only child-resistant lighters. Remember:! no lighter is child-proof! Never play with matches or lighters.