Social Media Meets User Experience

Analysis and evaluation of user needs in the field of social media, what makes a Chief social media officer (CSMO) and what requirements are placed on this role? A job profile like that of the CSMO requires technical Know-How as well as social competence, knowledge of marketing, IT and internal as well as external communication. So the CSMO to combine all of these factors in a role that represents a challenge for companies. Not to lose the needs of customers and users of social media platforms out of sight, there are two viewpoints: the company and the customer. Thus is the CSMO Rotary and pivot between the company and its customers, as well as between departments within a company “, explains Mag. For more information see Weight Watchers. Franziska Hammerle senior consultant at USECON ( which in the course of computer science Conference ( (27.09. 01.10.2010) held in Leipzig a motivational speech about the requirements on the CSMO from the perspective of the user and customer experience.

At the Use of a CSMO corporate goals thus face the customer objectives. While the company deals with the internal structure for the implementation of social media activities, the customer is provides a transparent communication to allow feedback and thus to achieve a positive experience in the context of the organization. For experienced users, it has become easy to walk; the passive recipient to the active Communicator “so from the reader to the writer in the participatory Web to develop on. The networking of people and the exchange of knowledge and experience should be in the use of social media activities in the foreground. Crowdsourcing”is the authoritative keyword. This is the innovation power of customers and users who get involved on the various social media platforms. Customers can thus become innovative suppliers for the company. The needs of customers put front and Center and can of well-managed social media activities of the company be used.

Professional Websites

To start a good business idea is an equally good site who is busy with the founding of a company, has visions and ideas but mostly not much money to market them on the Internet: A professional website finally often costs several thousand euros and requires much effort for setting up, tuning and maintenance. Entrepreneur manage this so often with a homemade”provisional. But it quickly enters a vicious cycle: the brand has a little confidence, the ongoing development is more complex than expected and also the search engine results have to be desired. estions. Fitness often addresses the matter in his writings. Professional websites which do not consume the start-up capital in good design must cost a Fortune: the expert network Joomlapur offers various extensive packages at surprisingly affordable rates. So, the package is business startup”available with a fully furnished site to the representation of the company 339,–euros. In it are in addition to the design also Also other services, which add many other providers as hidden fees to contain cost for domain registration, E-Mail usage and support: for example, the cost of disk space and Web hosting for the first year. There are also all services as all-inclusive package with a money-back guarantee. All designs are based on the content management system Joomla: this is easy to learn and gives customers the possibility to edit content and supplement.

At the same time, Joomla allows large scope for high-quality Web design that stands out from the crowd and still is optimized for search engines like Google. As an indispensable foundation stone for the success of newly born enterprises can be at minimal cost. It gives an overview of all packages and services under. Contact for inquiries: JOOMLAPUR on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234-941 36 fax: + 49 (0) 1805-53 883 73 883 * E-Mail: Press contact: QvorQ GmbH & Co.KG Timo Riekenberg Tel.: 04234 94136 E-Mail: URL:

New Holistic Health Portal

News from BalanceRoom the entire coach, coaching and health market is also increasingly opaque but increasingly important, but unfortunately for the individual seeking help. The initiators of BalanceRoom place at this point. On the portal, the various factors that influence health in holistic terms are represented with a direct reference to experts. To live healthy and balanced, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and personality should be considered contiguous and in their interaction. It is important, however, that everyone finds out the right recipe of the balance itself”, explains Alexandra backrest, shareholder of the BalanceRoom GBR. overweight, stress, bullying, Burnout: so different, as are the individual complaints, also BalanceRoom is so diverse.

The rubric of exercise, diet and relaxation inform about causes of deficiency symptoms and offer tips and solutions. But BalanceRoom I go with the category”is still a step further. Here, your own life situation will be screened”and determined the causes that lead to dissatisfaction in the job, for example. With targeted information and suggestions, ways are uncovered, to explore new destinations and to bring about changes in their own lives. Life recipes to try out”the motto of BalanceRoom and it is not without reason that the holistic health platform provides not only free information, but lives mostly through the interaction. From end of January is a community for the exchange of users free switched with each other and with experts. A search function is also integrated, which Germany experts of the fitness and health industry from the immediate vicinity find you. In order to expand the offer, BalanceRoom looking for more experts in the fitness and health industry.

They can register until the end of February with its range of services with a free full profile on BalanceRoom. More information, health experts and seminars available online under. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/BalanceRoom contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Marko Homann, Mr. Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: Mrs Alexandra rest BalanceRoom GbR Maurer Berg 12 D-82319 Starnberg phone: + 49 (0) 8151 4 47 18 77 fax: + 49 (0) 8151 4 47 18 76 E-Mail: Internet: about the BalanceRoom GbR was the BalanceRoom GbR by Alexandra backrest and Nathalie Primus founded with the aim, to start a new holistic health platform on the Internet. “ provides easily understandable and detailed background information on the topics of exercise, diet and relaxation and to one’s self” (personality). The contents of BalanceRoom create more Transparency in the trainers, consultants and Coachingmarkt and provide specific offers and solutions for consumers, health professionals and companies. BalanceRoom is the first platform of its kind, the influencing factors on the health in holistic terms are presented on the. To live healthy and balanced, exercise, nutrition, relaxation and personality should be considered contiguous and in their interaction.

1:0 For King Football – Schueler.CC Favorite Sports Analyzed

Trends in the youth community by Computec media sports is also the young people remain in the trend and against all evil suspicions. Which sports are the most popular with the teens but which do not tear off the stool? A recent survey among the 2.09 million registered users of the youth community Schueler.CC now creates the sporting perspective. King soccer ruled the community Schueler.CC vs. boredom: by because the youth of today is only in front of the TV or computer on the contrary: A large part of young people is also itself active. 2.09 million students and young people, mainly aged between 15 and 18 years of age, are with their own profile in the youth community Schueler.CC by COMPUTEC MEDIA register about 800,000 of them exercise regularly. Read more from CEO of Ford to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

It governed the community even weeks after the World Cup King football and is number one of the favorite sports: the sports Schueler.CC users, 30% are active on the ball about. Dancing and swimming, keep the kids fit table Guide to football give the kick the teens especially dancing, swimming and volleyball. Based on 12% of them are active dancers or swimmers and 8% enthusiastic volleyball player. On the list of favorite sports, also known as sports skateboarding, climbing or snowboarding but surprisingly at the rear ranks. Martial arts such as judo and karate are far behind. Also interesting for the kids: their mothers fitness classic aerobics.

Here the top 10 of the most popular sports * the youths at a glance: football 29.9% dancing 12.4% swimming 11.5% volleyball 8.1% equestrian 7.9% fitness 6.6% basketball 6.6% handball 6.4% ski (downhill) 5.9% cycling 5.4% * multiple answers were possible Schueler.CC the youth community the perfect base for surfing, chat and to exchange with each other offers young people the COMPUTEC MEDIA AG. That in January 2007 based platform is an extreme activity of from the user Schueler.CC is the focal point of everyday of online for its Users. On average, each user has 76 friends and sends to this approximately 711 messages per month. The average of user age is between 15 and 18 years of age, while 53% are female. The youth community reaches an average 980.000 unique users (AGOF 2010-I) and now well over one billion page impressions and approximately 23 million visits (IVW 08/2010) per month. If you have questions to our Schueler.CC trend report, please contact: Christina Seifferth, PR, COMPUTEC MEDIA AG E-Mail: Tel: 0911 / 28 72-124

Erik Jenss

New users and contacts by Erik Jenss on various cash rewards can enjoy until the end of the year. Learn more at: Jim Hackett. 1 x 1,000 euro, 1 x 500 euro and 10 x 50 can get the business contacts. The announcement of the winners is carried out in the January 2014th cyclic Erik Jenss want to about his ways provide information and show the number of users on Facebook, Twitter, XING and Google +. Who wants to watch his way and interested in waiting for the next presentations, can register free for the newsletter. Also with the inscription to the newsletter you automatically participates in the small competition. “In addition, users will receive new information and as a bonus eBook on the dream job – the 9 levels model for more money and better position”.

“” “As expert in the business success granted Erik Jenss three eBooks for free worth 39.90 EUR: on to the dream job bonus – Internet resources”, practical guide Web page creation – design, target groups, Internet law, marketing and project management “and top seller at ebay & co. – 8 steps to sales success with online auctions”. Google + and Facebook called the most important social networks, where photographs, Web content or other items can be shared with acquaintances. Shows up as Internet success coach Erik Jenss on XING and searches several contacts in the online marketing industry. Acquiring new customers or finding new employees XING is the most important career network. Twitter is used not only for the personal status message. Current developments, news and ways of thinking can be spread via Twitter Flash and reaching different masses of people. All networks have their personal assets and wrap an extraordinary potential to succeed with his company and its website. Go to the social media challenge! Erik Jackson