Association Certification

In this first part we first enter the definition it is a digital certificate, how serelaciona with electronic signature and explicaremosel paper that have the entities with the right to issue certificadosdigitales, the certification authorities. In the second part we will focus on developing how the certified scanning and digital elcertificado defacturas complement each other. The digital certificate and a certification Digital certificate authorities is a computerized documentodigital whereby a third party (a certification authority) trust ensures bonding between the identidadde a subject or entity and its public key. We will explain what is public laclave later. A certification authority, certifying certificadorao, called AC enespanol or certification authority depiladas acronym in English (Certification Authority), is a trusted entity, responsible for issuing and revoking digital loscertificados used in the electronic signature, which uses key cryptography public. Juridicamentees a particular case of certification services provider.Onwards will use the Spanish word of authority Decertificacion Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting informacionutilizando techniques that make it possible to exchange messages secure coverage that can only be read by people who vandirigidos.

The purpose of cryptography is, firstly, ensure secrecy in the communication between two entities (people, organizations, etc.) and, secondly, ensuring that the information is sent is genuine in a double sense: as the sender searealmente who claims to be and that the contents of the sent message, usually called cryptogram, has not been modified in sutransito. There are various formats for digital certificates, more commonly employees are governed by the ITU-TX 509 standard. Certificadocontiene the name of the certified entity, the serial number, date of expiration and a copy of the public key of the holder delcertificado really used in the Association. The certification authority, by itself omediante the intervention of a registration authority, check laidentidad of the applicant for a certificate before dispatch or, in case of certificates with the status of revoked, eliminates the revocation of certificates to verify the identity.