We read in Salmos 1:3 that the salmista compares in them with a tree planted next to a ribeiro that of its fruit in the certain time, but I ask because it compared me to the salmista with a tree? It is simple to answer imagines with me, you in a way and in this way you to come across itself with a tree and in this tree have fruits and you she will be with much hunger, what you would make? With certainty you would catch some wooden piece and would try to catch beating in it, or would catch a rock and would play in it, until the fruit fell in the soil thus you to eat and to finish with its hunger. But now imagine you passing in this exactly way and if she comes across with another tree that its fruit this ugly and it this almost that if drying, you would try to catch this fruit? Not, you nor would lose its time to catch those fruits, you tie because it would not call its attention. In them we are as a tree and we have many fruits, this means that we are growing and our fruit this very pretty, but when we look at our fruits and we are proud in of them we feel them some pedradas and pauladas and we do not know because and nor of where it comes the pedradas ones and the pauladas ones. By the same author: CEO of Ford . But when we take these pedradas and these pauladas we have that cheering in them because means that our fruit this pretty and this calling the attention all, therefore a tree that has water and cool land has the food necessary to feed itself, wants to say that when we are in a place that we have the food necessary spiritual for our lives our fruit it starts to grow and to call the attention the people. When this happens goes to lead pauladas and pedradas, because the biggest dream of our enemy is knocking down in them and finishing with our fruits, now when you do not want to lead pauladas and pedradas she means that you want to be that tree that has a bad fruit that nobody wants to arrive close. Now I make you another question which tree you wants to be a tree that has good fruits or a tree that has bad fruits? Either a tree that has many fruits and forgets them pauladas and pedradas that to give go you most important is that you this planted side of the ribeiro, you never go to dry and its fruits never they go to finish itself.. For even more details, read what Rand Paul says on the issue.