Skoda Superb – Car Class Business Jet

Business jets are small jets, which quickly and comfortably comfortably can deliver their owner from one place to another. Luxury Skoda, called the Superb, although not fly, can still conform to this notion. The model has a rather interesting design – the front part of the car is made in the style of ‘corporate’, and a strong inclination rear window gave it elegance and exquisiteness. The trunk has a successful design – it can open like the glass, as well as separately. Superb – a kind of sedan-hatchback, solid and practical at the same time.

We move into the cabin. There is desirable to note flawless finish, all the panel adjusted very accurately. (Similarly see: Wendy Rene). Skoda Superb Interior can compete with the internal design of Infiniti and Lexus. It is no accident that the car Product Name disguised in Russian as ‘luxury’ – it really is more than prilekatelno. In the top version of the model has full power. In the second row of seats is enough space, even though more than enough, heated seats and foot rests of course, too. Now, part of the power unit. Daryl Katz, New York City wanted to know more.

Powerful 3.6 -Liter engine, gearbox DSG, four-wheel drive – all this makes perfect dynamics. In normal mode, the car confidently and comfortably carries passengers forward, and if necessary, rapid acceleration there is a sports mode, and all rivals on the road will be left behind. Operated by the machine also on the level. The steering mechanism is very clear and predictable, just like the “German” (after all, Superb built upon Passat). Four-wheel drive can be used in poor road conditions is also important. In this case all material remains a matter of prestige. Skoda – this is in fact a mass brand, but people can not explain that the car is in no way inferior to their fellow-known brands, though is several times less – from $ 55.000.

Internal Affairs

Considerable started cleaning in the SAI. Already arrested a number of leaders and their subordinates, but, apparently, the number of dismissals and arrests will grow, informs the newspaper "Today". Thus, in these days in Lviv for the manipulation of registration of vehicles removed from all leadership duties and fired five employees MREO city. They are, according to regional police shglavy Gen. Mikhail Tsymbalyuk, understated car price during registration and enrich themselves at the underpayment to the pension fund (for example, instead of 25 tysch hryvnia deducted two thousand and exclusively, and the rest shared with owners). Knowing about this trick in the Lions came to register cars including from other areas, though that's against the rules. That worked MREO 30 people part time, pay them no interest was to find the main "meat" place.

The chief city of the Interior of Lviv, Igor CEC itself filed a report about resignation. However, some informants in Lviv, internal affairs agencies recognize that just as free places for their "own", although this Tsymbalyuk denies. As he said the Department of the Interior Ministry Public Relations Dmitry Andreev, all that has happened – the effect of the planned audit, which conducts internal security service of the MVD. Schemes have been found, which plundered cash allocated to the budget. As the audit has comes, then may appear and the other detainees. Andreev also highlighted that the check not only the traffic police and other services, such as a passport, where among other things discovered the scheme abuse.

As experienced people say, if MIA actually started solidly for the cleaning of personal series, the arrests in the same traffic police have to be ambitious. After all, there is widespread corruption schemes wherever they can, but not only in Lviv MREO, and about all the schemes notoriously inspection. JANA Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. This underestimate of cars (where do you pay taxes), and underestimation of the size of the motor and drive model year cars (for that charge to the owner of a bribe). There is a time-consuming and Pobol schemes, such as hackers will soon introduce a non-existent traffic police data base car, and then discharged to Uncleared "left" data sheet, and it is legalized, as formerly in the database. Previously deputy head of Ministry of Internal Affairs had been detained in Ternopil region and head UGAI in Sumy region. Both worked until March at similar positions at Cherkasy. And as soon smell roasted, without delay, were transferred to other regions. Theft scheme was as follows: at technical inspection were filled with paper, according to whom the inspection has been Tipo 2 private businessman. To their accounts and transferred funds by the budget, and later cashed and divided. Bad because the filling budget authority of traffic police, he interpreted the fact that, say, in response to the crisis fell sharply stream of cars passing MOT.