Super Vocabulary: Vocabulary Speaking Up – And You Are Prompted Out.

Need talk iPhone/iPod Schliersee – your current vocabulary and meanings from teaching, seminar, course really only still in it – and already you can go ask yourself. This vocabulary focuses on your current vocabulary you learn in the classroom at the moment. This text entry is not necessary – but possible. Already on the voice recordings you can then in the Sun comfortably lie and easily by listening to learn your vocabulary lessons or let cozy to ask out in random mode. Whoever wants to can undergo even a simulated test under time pressure – rated.

You can create as many lessons with unlimited vocabulary. The lessons, of course, can be designed for different languages. The number of vocabulary and meanings within of lessons is limited only by the memory of your mobile device. The input into the lessons is not limited to vocabulary and meanings, you can enter also the grammar with answer questions. Text entries are a prepared WEB table and CSV import support. Here an overview of the three learning methods with which you significantly simplify the preparation for upcoming exams: 1) with the function ‘Listening’ are you read all questions answers in random order and displayed (if you have entered text).

This is necessary from you neither an action nor an eye contact to the phone, so you can use this function in the car with a headset or Bluetooth car radio = an extremely effective way to learn. (2) you can have automatically wonder with the function “Query”. It is a question read you, but until then the answer and the next question presented, if you click at the end of your thoughts anywhere on the display. Also here, no eye contact to the phone is necessary. It outputs the audio signal via the speakers of a docking station, then this query function is also ideal as entertaining Trivia Quiz for several people. (3) when the function ‘check’ have a few seconds (adjustable) opportunity the questions to respond to. If the answer to the question is known, it must be posted with the app by clicking on the display (at any point). No reaction takes place within the set time will be assessed the question as unknown. The end result is entered in the current list of topics in the form of a rating. This way, wondering off or check his own knowledge, only the headset supplied with the phone by Apple is necessary. A quick guide to this app as a YouTube video you will find under: or short summary:-vocabulary TRAINER: app for iPhone and iPod touch – any, their own learning lessons you can easily create – suitable tutorial with the functions of listening, queries and inspection – for all languages – also for grammar questions and answers suitable – no text input necessary – but possible – speech and output for all vocabulary and meanings – ideal support for teaching – ideal to the Prepare for the exams – price: 1.59 euro – homepage:-email: – YouTube video: watch? v = CU2Gzq5fKeg – only available in the app store: is a useful and sophisticated application – even faster and more convenient learning almost impossible.