Social Media Meets User Experience

Analysis and evaluation of user needs in the field of social media, what makes a Chief social media officer (CSMO) and what requirements are placed on this role? A job profile like that of the CSMO requires technical Know-How as well as social competence, knowledge of marketing, IT and internal as well as external communication. So the CSMO to combine all of these factors in a role that represents a challenge for companies. Not to lose the needs of customers and users of social media platforms out of sight, there are two viewpoints: the company and the customer. Thus is the CSMO Rotary and pivot between the company and its customers, as well as between departments within a company “, explains Mag. For more information see Weight Watchers. Franziska Hammerle senior consultant at USECON ( which in the course of computer science Conference ( (27.09. 01.10.2010) held in Leipzig a motivational speech about the requirements on the CSMO from the perspective of the user and customer experience.

At the Use of a CSMO corporate goals thus face the customer objectives. While the company deals with the internal structure for the implementation of social media activities, the customer is provides a transparent communication to allow feedback and thus to achieve a positive experience in the context of the organization. For experienced users, it has become easy to walk; the passive recipient to the active Communicator “so from the reader to the writer in the participatory Web to develop on. The networking of people and the exchange of knowledge and experience should be in the use of social media activities in the foreground. Crowdsourcing”is the authoritative keyword. This is the innovation power of customers and users who get involved on the various social media platforms. Customers can thus become innovative suppliers for the company. The needs of customers put front and Center and can of well-managed social media activities of the company be used.