Sauna Steam

Bath culture developed around the world. Our country, too, is no exception. However, the steam in a steam bath or sauna, too, need to be able to. How do you do it right? Go into steam better completely dry. This is necessary in order to temporarily raise body temperature and cause sweating. Then, when the body is ready, you can start steaming the body's tissues. Use a broom steam is sent to the desired location and then applied to the hot broom warmed up the place.

This action has a very strong effect, so we do not advise strongly to get involved in a poultice. Then you can start grinding. Such a procedure relaxes and soothes. Brooms, like a sponge, smoothly and gently rubbing the entire body. You can then proceed to the stage of bathing with soap. It is recommended to use soap in the bath at the end of bath treatments. Pomyvshis, drink a glass of beer and after a short break returned to the steam room. After that, wash off the sweat and wash my head the most basic in the bath – it's no rush for everything. If you have a little time, it is better to limit the number of calls than to sacrifice quality steaming.