Orlando Retamal

Perennial wisdom. Orlando Retamal. Holistic education and the perennial philosophy gives us the freedom to choose the path of spirituality, seeking new challenges for the good of oneself and others. A new world. Isabella Colalillo Kates .

When you take away the conditioning that we can actually see that everything is in flux, the most important thing is to see things and people as they are and give us that we are all interdependent and therefore we are connected to nature . David Fontana Working in an appropriate location to allow contact with nature greatly helps students develop their skills, evaluate their progress themselves, together with the teacher talking about their own learning process and thus is not just to educate work but to face life. Sacred spaces. Sheri R. Klein . Daryl Katz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Start preparing for a change of attitude to help us wake up the misunderstanding which we, as the knowledge of the truth we have always brought within ourselves is only the inner awakening. Skip to empty.

Allan Anderson Politicians should put their attention to the needs of citizens, to do this are aware of their shortcomings and always fought for development and welfare of most citizens. The Bodhisattvas are political. Gregory Wilpert . Education today is based solely on the transmission of knowledge, apart from spiritual formation, which is what really satisfies us, and not having it seek to fill that void, without getting anywhere, so there are many problems now especially youth. Log in spirituality.