Oranges And Lemons

VITAMINS Oranges and orange is a fruit that accumulate as many healing properties for our body, are recognized in this citrus properties that prevent the emergence of some diseases and their leading role to protect our body. Vitamin C of oranges, is essential for strengthening the body’s defenses and ideal for preventing flu and colds. Past has shown an important role in the prevention of scurvy, a disease that is characterized by bleeding from small and large skin and gums, and inflammation of hair follicles. And vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, essential for the growth of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth, and is credited with the power to control cholesterol, balance work with circulatory problems and varicose veins. You can also help the liver, avoiding indigestion. Highlight some properties: Increase the quality of red blood cells. Properties against arthritis.

Properties against the choking breath. Regulates blood pressure. Properties with the problems of the ovaries, womb, prostate, throat and gums. Regulates the evacuation and inflammation of the rectum (hemorrhoids). The organs of digestion and prevents constipation and diarrhea, exerting a stabilizing role regularizing bowel functions thereof. It strengthens the teeth.

The juice or orange juice, has many anti-cancer properties, especially in the stomach. If we take it as exclusive food juice between meals can relieve excess stomach acid and helps the healing of ulcers. Drinking orange juice or diluted 50% in water, to combat the problems of poor digestion, being able to eliminate those wastes that are responsible for intestinal malaise. The alkalizing properties of its juice, are a help in clearing the blood and dissolving acids and prevents these will settle in the kidneys and produce kidney stones or kidney stones. The ingestion of orange juice, helps patients with: Drop, because its action alkaline, helps eliminate uric acid and infinitely better. Improvement of hypertension with decreased blood flow pressure. The orange juice taken as juice or eaten immediately, otherwise it will lose its nutritional properties, as well as its taste. Especially recommended to take it at breakfast.