Moscow Immigration

Australia and Canada – the best country for immigration Publication Date: August 17, 2007 God knows, we did not have the slightest desire to publish an article under the headline, but we have to clarify this issue. This publication inspired by reading the online single commercial paper devoted to the comparative "analysis" of immigration laws and immigration appeal of the United States, Canada, Australia and England. "Analysis of published a Moscow-based company that specializes in immigration to Britain. The word "analysis" in quotes deliberately, because no analysis of the publication, but there is a blatant ignorance (or deliberate misrepresentation) in matters Immigration Law English speaking countries. Strange people, but here in Russia. (Similarly see: camden treatment associates). Would have written simply: "We have been practicing immigration to England, but the practical experience of immigration to Canada and Australia do not have." But why publish material that misleading people? Very questionable way of promoting their services on immigration to Britain. Will not mention the name of the company, for those interested in immigration to England, will easy to find this publication on the Internet (and even in the top ten Yandex) upon request: immigration to Britain.

Immediately corrected some mistakes in the said publication. Firstly, the English program Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) is not a professional immigration to England, and is a temporary work visa in England. England has no vocational immigration. Referred to a work visa is not a permanent resident visa (Although it can be converted into a permanent resident visa through a certain number of years in England, which must be documented).