A service Mater – “mater” is a reference pressure in the high pressure – is today an important communication tool, and far more than just an artwork service. Mater over a service that journalists get in the newsroom fully processed items for free use in their media. Not infrequently, this is for promotional written contributions for special publications with product photos and contact information. The data are on paper or CD and, increasingly, as an e-mail or made available to download. Several thousand editors have the item sent to you. In about 50 million newspaper readers in Germany, so we achieved a fairly large audience. The circumference of a Mater service varies in range, layout and period. Thus, for example, individual contributions over a year off to spread in the local media. As many readers will reach it, is secondary – that’s the Mater service is very affordable. Considerably more expensive services such as special publications, where a range of several million readersguaranteed within 14 days. The costs can quickly pay for themselves, but if the special publication for example, is parallel to a product launch or incidental to a major book fair, is represented at their own companies. Mater services are also available for radio stations. And here there are different properties of short articles, to magazine articles with several million listeners warranty coverage. Contributions will be sent in part to several dozen stations. Moreover Mater services for special-interest media, such as puzzles or women’s magazines and printed products from business or lifestyle area are feasible. For certain items for a target Mater service with a particularly high credibility can be given.