Massage Beds

South Korean company JE-Medical Co.Ltd entered the global arena by offering a novelty in the field of health. as a multifunctional termoakupunkturnoy bed and massaging teramaks. Multi-functional massage beds teramaks embodied not only the modern methods of healing, but Eastern techniques: Manual Therapy; acupuncture (acupressure); Chiropractic; Physiotherapy infrared radiation (heating) and ctoun therapy.

(Treatment natural minerals). The effect of reflexology massage bed teramaks secured by the internal projection, made from semiprecious stones of jade, which moves along the spine and affects on bio-active points are located on the right and left vertebral spine. Projector makes a stop in accordance with a given program on different parts of the spine and at the same time is burning these points. (MOX therapy). Infrared rays stimulate the acupressure points along the spine of the type of burns. Jade projector gives the effect of acupressure (similar to finger pressure), which stimulates nerve endings, relieving fatigue and nervous tension, relaxing your muscles. Warming is due to thermal energy long-wave infrared rays that carry it to tissues and internal organs. Long-wave infrared rays, produced ceramic discs of Tourmanium located on an additional material, dual effect of warming up, improving metabolism, reducing pain, increasing immunity. Thermal effect and pressure point massage to help reduce the neuro-muscular tension and increase their natural strength and resources of the body. Massage. Massage bed ‘TerMaks’ massages the soft tissue along the spine, warming them and pulling myself back. In the massage bed Teramaks has several modes to stretch the spine.