Holistic Model

A curriculum is the specific realization of one pedagogical theory to make it effective and ensure learning and the development of a particular group of pupils to culture, age and community that are part. The curriculum is a construction plan and training inspired by systematic and articulated concepts of pedagogy and social sciences related to educational intent, that can be executed in an effective process and actual call instruction, here the importance of know, understand and apply the techniques of design and development of the curriculum with regard to the course to Holistic curriculum I could see the problem we’re having in the Mexican educational system, the inadequate systematization of the processes of the curriculum, which is manifested in the lack of holistic processes integration: pedagogical, didactic and curriculum that does not allow you to have a consistent, accurate and relevant science. That’s why I was born the idea based on what they have studied this course of conduct educational research to design, develop and propose a holistic curriculum model for technological institutes that contribute to systemic integration and holistic in its pedagogical processes to achieve set the scientific existence of this model of consistent, accurate and relevant. Later, to show positive results, could be proposed to other schools of top local, regional, national level and if it is possible international. This program was very helpful for my since I am interested in conducting educational research where I want designing a holistic curriculum model for technological institutes which in future is implemented at local, regional, national level and once it is validated by their results that I’m sure will be positive, it can be shared to other top-level schools both nationally and internationally, which also may provide evidence for greater number of teachers can convince to change its educational model for the holistic. The idea is to propose a study plan to be applied in the area of engineering that is in it where I am involved, that integrates all other models that have been proposed by different educators holistas, taking into account the needs of the environment of San Luis Potosi, since the curriculum design must be based on the requirements of the society at the professional levellabour and social; also seeking globalization and its impact in top-level educational processes.