High Productivity

Every company is different and has different needs, therefore when looking for a CRM solution to implement in your company must bear in mind that the tool provides a flexible environment through which they can develop all the adjustments and necessary customizations that comply with the CRM strategy that you want to implement, either in a client-server environment or in a web environment, and that is also easy to maintain and provide a working environment friendly for users. In summary, make sure that you can adapt the tool according to your needs and take the best advantage to mount a fully effective CRM solution and not be limited to the functionality that comes standard on the tool simply because this no can adapt to what you want. SalesLogix has a very powerful tool when making customizations, either for client/server or web, and his not only potential must be harnessed to implement the desired strategy but to making it grow with your business every day doing improvements and creating new features without limitations. The flexibility of SalesLogix has several fronts: database administration: you can add an unlimited number of tables and custom fields to the database. You can work with views and stored procedures in cases you want to increase performance in any application process. Customization of screens: you can modify standard screens to add, modify or delete existing fields and create new screens with the desired information. In addition, add tabs to accounts, contacts, opportunities, or any other new module that you want to create in the system. It allows to handle scripting in Visual Basic customizations or parameterizations of the views that are carried out.

In addition, it has the ability to handle scripting in Basic and SQL (including ActiveX and debugging). It supports different programming languages to program in the web environment. Customization of menus and toolbars, navigation bars: you can modify or create new navigation bars, toolbars, and menus of the application to add, modify or delete any option.