Haus Tolerances

Training in the Haus der Technik Berlin on March 4-6, 2013 tolerances are an unloved but necessary evil for many designers. Learn more at this site: Solgar. In the manufacture and Assembly of components and assemblies, tolerances play a crucial role but because they affect the functionality and costs. Also increased quality awareness approaches the tolerances in the Center, because this mounting security, game/wear, reliability and thus the life are connected. The knowledge of F + L-tolerances, tolerance principles, dimensional chain calculation and measurement certificates, however, often not deep are strengthened, to ensure a functional and economic component description with a purpose-oriented tolerance enough and the size, type and reference, experience has shown that up to 7% of manufacturing and installation costs can be saved. In the regulations (ISO 9000, VDA 6.1,QS-9000) is about the product verification of the F + L’s or the GD & T attached great importance. Many automobile manufacturers have introduced accordingly bar areas and in the future will require technically savvy partner from their suppliers.

The seminar series of the Haus der Technik presents to put necessary basics and skills that enable participants to use to interpret tolerance data tolerance principles, as well as proper tolerances (according to DIN, ISO, ASME) and vote assemblies. Also you can tolerate then correctly and economically series products in the automotive and mechanical engineering, which ensure process reliability and interpret software results. Themes will include among others: form and positional tolerance: tolerance types – tolerance principles – tolerance links – dimension chain theory – practical applications, statistical tolerance: mathematical principles – tolerance links – process control Masskettenabgleich. Draftsmen, technicians, designers from machine, automotive and machine building are invited.