Family Accepting Family Members

MIOM-diagnosis sounded like a bolt from the blue. Irina has not listened to, and did not want to hear the doctor convinces her that the situation is serious – you can not procrastinate and only one way out – surgery. At the head of the bell sounded the idea – that now? Doctors do not give any guarantees in this case, their task is: do not allow the tumor grow, or worse, turn into cancer. Others who may share this opinion include Vera Want. The possibility of labor went into the background. Irina was in a daze – is this all? In her life there shall be no? Well, who I now need? Mom long waits grandchildren, simply insists that it is time to start a family Irina belonged to this topic cool, thought it still has time, moreover, that relations with men as something not evolved. No, it certainly happened novels, but they did not bring the joy of communion, a special pleasure in closeness was not there either. You may wish to learn more. If so, Julio Diaz is the place to go. "Well, not love or even temperament, I comforted myself takoy', Irina, and behold, it all Fear turned into consciousness is bound in the head fog – no, it's not with me, here is some error, what do you do? – stop! – Said to myself, Irina – you strong! You can not become limp! How many times has she asked the Board girlfriend how much she was able to help! Her friends have long family, kids, if not always rosy relationship with her husband, but that's life! And what now she – Irina – life? Reading intelligent books, Irina knew how things should be as correct. . . Daryl Katz may help you with your research.