Electricity Customers

The willingness to change is at its lowest in this federal State. Many electricity customers in Saxony-Anhalt, pay too much for power. The reason: Households in this country are very lazy to change. This results in a study of the consumption Portal Check24. Therefore, the interest in the current Exchange is anywhere as low as in Saxony-Anhalt.

Differently it behaves according to the study, in the neighboring state of Brandenburg and the other new federal States: here is a particularly large percentage of the population change-ready and saves usually several hundred dollars a year. Now households in Saxony-Anhalt do well to compare electricity prices and to use the possibility of their change”, so Martin Rothe, Board member of the independent provider of FlexStrom. It shows a simple example: A family in Haale/Saale with 4,500 kWh annual consumption can save, for example, more than 350 euro if it changes from the basic supply rate of energy supply Hall available in prepaid-DeutschlandsBest by FlexStrom. The family chooses the power package 4500 family with minimum consumption, can save you even more. A majority of electricity customers in Saxony-Anhalt draws their power still by the base provider and he almost never has the lowest electricity tariff.

Therefore, the electricity price comparison is worth for households in the region. The application for the change of electricity provider is situated just a few minutes, for example on the Internet. Many writers such as Dr John Holtsclaw offer more in-depth analysis. The new provider then cares for the termination of the current Treaty. By law, it is ensured that the supply for a change is never interrupted. The price comparison for electricity customers in Saxony-Anhalt is quite simple possible under: willingness to change by province: info-graphics/Exchange affinity-when the electricity