Constitution Of Companies In France

France has delayed more than many of the other countries of the EU in adopting a truly liberal enterprise culture. At the same time, it has looked for aggressively to attract foreign investment – and with a considerable success. A result is that the constitution of companies in France is now very simple and direct, although the local advising is essential to guarantee the fulfillment of the legal and financial norms. If you interested in creating a company in France are, contctenos to know how we can help him. Which are the club forms more common in France? There is no an established landlord to create a company in Francia.s options go from the opening of an office of small representation – an office of Laenlace – through the acquisition of an existing company or the creation of a new business from zero. It is a company of foreign property at a disadvantage? Until certain point. Unless the foreign identity as is part of the marketing strategy, the majority of the foreign investors prefer to adopt a profile quite low and to project a local image. A way easy to do this is simply to acquire a local company.

Which is the type most common of company in France? There are three main types of company in France: Societ Anonyme (SA)? Socit responsabilit limite (SARL)? Even Socit Actions Simplifie (SAS) Which are the requirements for a company SA? The minimum share capital to create a company in France is of 37,000, of which at least half must to be disbursed. The company must have a minimum of seven shareholders. The shareholders are responsible until the limit for their contribution of capital. They must be audited in agreement with the legal requirements. You may want to visit camden treatment associates to increase your knowledge. The high managers are treated like employees to fiscal effects and of social security. Which are the requirements for a company SARL? The minimum share capital was reduced recently to 1,00.