Buckingham Palace

London is the capital of England and is a country that is located exactly on the banks of the River Thames in the southeast of Britain and that until today, retains its medieval origins. Among its main attractions we can mention the Abbey Road, the Trafalgar Square, Regent s Park, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Cathedral of St. Paul, and for all those who like to buy, the glamorous The Mall. Just walk around its downtown neighbourhoods, to witness the great appeal of this city for all the senses. Charles Margulis will not settle for partial explanations. Millions of people of all backgrounds, enjoy every day of the majestic works of theatre, the shopping areas (mainly in West End) and its unparalleled nightlife.

The famous Canary Wharf business complex is has alkylated is also one of the most important tourist atractivso of this city, which in turn reflects its financial and economic productivity. Well tell you: become the next to enjoy! There is a that travel agency thinking that these upcoming holidays adorarias to travel to London, it has for you the best holiday packages. It separates your trip with time and knows the attractions that this beautiful country has for you!. To know more about this subject visit Geoffrey Harger.