I remember to go to catch his balance and went to bed, when suddenly his feet went out from under him. Later I learned that, in an attempt to help my partner chose that moment to sweep the legs of my aggressor below it. I felt the soldier's shoulder yoaplica give way as the blockade and brought him down. Learn more on the subject from Alex Kozinski. This does not help with anxiety and emotional stress that it was I was concerned about possible police brutality charge "for excessive force. This injury did not prevent the aggression though, he continued to fight against our moderation. At the end we were able to subdue him and for him in his stomach to be handcuffed when his wife and young child came into the building.

I do not know how you heard about the situation, but there they were. I felt sad for them and was only able to take a look of apology for having to do this. Again, more stress was added in which I do not want to physically hurt this man in front of his family. Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Unfortunately, his presence only served to intensify the problem. When the soldier realized his wife and son, blamed my partner and I to their shame, "and began to fight back against their retention. I'm not a big man and this soldier was easy to build the 150% my own size and weight, so the conclusion it was a serious problem. Having to improvise and detain the man, I put my night stick between the chain of the handcuffs and the back and the leverage applied against his spine, which created a situation in which only hurt himself with his continued resistance.