Airways Disease

There is a wide variety of symptoms to many known diseases now. It is not something Dr. Gerard Addonizio would like to discuss. Each disease has its manifestations and the symptoms of certain features. The determination of the symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases. Some symptoms and causes are characteristic for different diseases, other symptoms occur only in certain diseases. And here are some diseases and their symptoms. Temperature increased as an elevated temperature is a temperature that is higher than 38 degrees. The feeling of fever may appear when the body temperature is higher than 37 degrees.

The increased temperature indicates a fight of the organism with different diseases. Since the increased temperature is a symptom of many diseases, every person at the doctor must consult. The increased temperature may cause unintended consequences. You can treat this symptom in the domestic conditions, but sometimes the medical assistance is required. In the domestic treatment to fight the symptom of many Diseases, the increased temperature, cold compresses, or by rubbing. The measles disease and its symptoms measles – a strong infection that comes from the virus. Symptoms of this disease are common skin rash, increased temperature, runny nose, cough, redness of the eyes. Measles is contagious.

The virus moves on. With measles you can infected through close contact with infected persons or objects. Camden treatment associates might disagree with that approach. Measles epidemics are spreading the measles epidemics every two or three years in those areas of the world where there is no effective program of immunization. The measles outbreaks also occur in some developed countries, notwithstanding the wide distribution of the programs of immunization. Know the symptoms of the disease it is important to know the symptoms of the disease in order to properly respond to. A child who was born from the mother had the measles, gets the immunity in his first year of life. Once stricken with measles, the man gets the immunity for life. The time of the infection by the virus up to the Characteristics and symptoms of the disease (the incubation period) can take two weeks. The flu and its symptoms the flu is a viral disease, the Airways are affected. Unlike the majority of other respiratory viral infections, such causes more serious manifestations such as the common cold, the flu, may have a fatal. You need to know the symptoms of this disease well large epidemics of influenza. The unusually serious international outbreaks of influenza occurred several times in the past few hundred years. A very large epidemic of flu broke out in 1918. At that time you were up to 100 millions to victims. The bronchitis and their symptoms here are the symptoms of a disease yet. The bronchitis is a respiratory disease of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes becomes inflamed. Depending on the inflammation of the bronchi, the tiny air passages in the lungs narrow which leads to coughing with a discharge. There may be shortness of breath. If you have moved to a cold, so it often goes into a Bronchitis over. It is important to recognize the symptoms of the disease in a timely manner. The cough is a clear symptom of the common cold, it is the protective reaction of the organism to rid the accumulated mucus. The common cough with a secretion of the ejection slot. Reducing the power of breathing appears a rochelnder according to fever may be but sometimes not observed.