The love is a feeling, but also it is a concept. To love something or somebody is to maintain positive a disposition affective. When we loved they demonstrate our actions, our interest and also our attitudes. Nevertheless, per moments that love that I have I want that it is expressed of a certain way. Yes one does not pronounce as understand I it, then, is not love, there mere is when, that love becomes concept.

The simplest question, but one of most complex answering is: What understand I by love? How needs to express itself that to which I name like love? Yes we do not solve these questions, perhaps, we pruned to confuse the love with the addiction or the attachment. When we are not able to reflect on we ourself, our pairs and relations, then, we run the risk of falling and of confusing the love with the addiction. The love allows to feel us alive, the addiction to the pair fills to us of suffering, fear and shame. Addiction means not to be able to do without what supposedly it gives me well-being. Addiction means not to be able to resign to that something that is so necessary to me, as can be, the food, the destructive drink, purchase, drugs, or relations. An addiction to the suffering also exists, although it seems lie, some people consider that yes the love does not hurt, does not have sense. Thus per moments, the love is confused with the possibility of having to need to the other to be able to live. How much suffering in the name of the love! When the love entreteje with the addiction, we are full of anxiety, we cannot be spontaneous, we looked for the best moment to tackle the problems, required of the adapted words to justify our actions, and surely then, we were in an addictive relation the love.