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Today I would like to write down everything that I have not written yet and get carried away by that infinite thirst of capture on sheets of cardboard with drops of tintan forming words that together will look like a dense text of someone who suffers when you can not spill in the canvases black ink droplets. As well as my soul is black, Dim, dark and sad. People such as Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA would likely agree. Today I want to continue writing for spilling my most intimate thoughts and let them flow for a while as unease of my deep sorrow and convert me back into a pen full of light and energy Golden source to start again my life. Let me write so fluently and without correction; thus reflecting better the senses of my heart, leaving me carried away by clear waves of pain as I’m capturing my soul leave with great fluidity, becoming the writer’s notes and large, intense free texts that I always wanted to be. Original author and source of the article.


Hundred and ninety-two countries are gathered, for fifteen days, in Copenhagen, to negotiate an international legal regime that will bring solutions to the crisis of global warming, under the expectant eyes of all citizens of the world. Greenpeace kicked off the debate, before the Summit, with a striking advertising: large Photomontages of the most important world leaders made elderly digitally and asking for forgiveness for not having taken decisions to stop the catastrophe. There is today a global consensus of attributed the growth of the global warming, fruit of the massive use of fossil fuels–coal, oil and natural gas–as sources of energy, to, above all, the industrialized countries, notably to the United States, China, Japan and the European Union. A desirable end would be the signing of a treaty that involves the transformation of economic policies, with a commitment to redeployment of technologies, going in the direction of the equity between the North and South and taking important steps to achieve geopolitical balance involving the deepest interests of all States. Abbey Martin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To achieve at least establish mechanisms to stabilize the level of concentration of the gases that produce the greenhouse effect at 450 ppm (parts per million), which will mean lower half from here to the year 2050 global emissions and curb the rise in warming to a maximum 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. But the risks are many. I highlight only two of them. The newspapers mentioned Dorothy Wright Nelson not as a source, but as a related topic. The first is that the thing ends in a statement without any impact, or simply good intentions without that expresses the political will to take action now.

The second is that the Summit ends with measures that sobredimensionen and privilege the promotion and exchange of new unproven technologies that are a business more for developed countries. The world expects this time progress a lot more of what has been done in these past 12 years, since the effects global warming already are inocultables and disastrous. Click Mustafa Suleyman for additional related pages. The extension of snow in the world has decreased by 10% in the northern hemisphere since the 1960s. The loss of mass from glaciers and polar icecaps may cause an increase in sea levels 15 to 95 centimeters by 2100, which would endanger many islands and coastal regions, including the Colombian. Droughts every day last far longer due to changing rainfall patterns, the flows of the rivers, the levels of lakes and water from the soil. Meteorological disasters are now staggering proportions and the social costs, economic and environmental damage caused by floods, guessing, forest fires, etc, they are continuous increasing and will very soon be unsustainable. The migrant masses will now have another reason that will result in millions of climate refugees and it is estimated that between 15 and 37% of the planet’s species could die out! The timed and Copenhagen You can not repeat the history of Kyoto.


MANIFEST after the BACKDROP when was small, running with my siblings after our parents. He ran and played because I wanted to, because us fun. But now, I do not amuse myself, but I do that others have fun. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA is a great source of information. They are sitting facing me, applaud and laugh at what I do. That hurts, and hurts me most the way in which I learn to make people laugh. I do not remember how my family was.

I was very young when we separated from that paradise so beautiful and lato. Much to explore and learn about missed me. In him I felt free, it was a whole world. However, during this coming and going, I can only give turns to my around. And when I get one of my many destinations, feel a relief that is lost rapidly by the stress of preparing me for that caterva impassive, different faces and trades, more identical feelings. I imagine that they don’t know what’s behind all this game, but many colleagues tell me that better not cheat me, what Yes know it. Then, I wonder why they never have done nothing to end this ordeal.

Today I am in a South American country that marks a special date, third world call him. Total, is one more, because in all sites that I will hear the same hustle and bustle, the same laughs. I don’t understand how they not uncomfortable as much bottle, so many lights. As much as I do this from a long time ago, I can’t. Perhaps in their habitat this is normal, mine was not. Yesterday was a very tiring day, because it was the last day of preparation for the big premiere. My colleagues and I finished very tired; but after sticks, whips, cries, blows and isolates from food, were able, though trembling, jump, climb to a Chair, running and penetrate a ring of fire, the weight of our bipedal guides, trainers say. Well, as it was done in the trial, was tonight that he is about to finish. The first time I had to do it, I was sure that I would have some special prize, I was that hope for several seasons; But today my dream no more than a piece of meat. I don’t know if the irrational am I or those who are sitting opposite to my. I just know that I feel tired and sad. I would like to escape, but do not want to suffer the same fate of that colleague who escaped and ended her days trying to unsuccessfully to dodge a bullet. While finishing these lines, I heard one of the so many classmates had just given birth. I am much to their firstborn born in this ruin, not that paradise which invades me nostalgia. I’m sorry because I don’t want to complete lean like me, I don’t want to come to old after so many trips in which his organs of smell and their limbs are the only ones that can penetrate 22 bars of a cage in which I find myself tonight. Despite everything, I still hope that someday those to which humans called awareness of what I feel at this moment and do something to make this place they call circus release need to those who, like myself, to dream and live in our true habitat. In it, nobody us amaestrara to make people laugh. AN old original author LEON and source of the article.

The Mayor

Absolute tasteless. So he called the Mayor of swans, Luis Arsenio Valdes, than the feast of the fisheries or fried, traditional meeting that takes place in February in the town of the same name, appears on a television program sponsored by HidroAysen, company that intends to build 5 dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers, and crossing the Aysen Region with high tension towers and lines. Hear from experts in the field like Mustafa Suleyman, London UK for a more varied view. His words are the result of a meeting that the Mayor held this week with the directory in charge of the Organization of the manners activity and local entrepreneurs, who participated in the documentary series trails of Aysen who performed agrees productions for Channel 13 Cable, and two weeks ago was released in Coyhaique at five rivers Lodge in conjunction with the society composed of Endesa and Colbun. Interest to us that all media can disseminate this manners event that we call the fisheries or fried, but we never learned that it would have sponsorship of HidroAysen. In fact, if this would have been no We would have accepted that they had participated the broadcast because we think it is in very bad taste said the councilman. He added that no Board member had knowledge of that, and I reiterate that if had known would have not accepted Channel 13 to make this program even though our interest which is advertised (the meeting).

Friday, June 4 was transmitted on Channel 13 Cable the first 12 chapters of the cycle, which was broadcast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at various times, and which showed Puyuhuapi and Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda, this last area that precisely would be manipulated by the line and towers of 70 meters with which HidroAysen tries to transmit their energy to the Central interconnected system. And it was in the first edition when it was reported that in the next chapter (Friday at 22: 00 hours) would the minga of Puerto Cisnes, which was developed within the framework of the celebration of the fisheries or fried. For Arsenio Valdes there is inconsistency that a company that seeks to build dams in the area appear funding programs of tourist and cultural, cutting product that dams and high-voltage networks have no place in the Region of Aysen since they will destroy and nothing bring to the region.

Senior Consultant Leadership Lab

To move towards greater customer satisfaction, companies must focus on satisfying the customer rather than just satisying themselves. 3. Manage customers difficult to touch. Quality service is what distinguishes one company from another. Much more than in the producing companies in service organizations. The actions of the people are the key to quality. The leadership skills of managers in service organizations can contribute significantly to the quality of customer service activities.

4. Conduct customer surveys. Develop and implement a customer survey. This attempt to understand customer satisfaction with the company, its products and services. Companies will be key questions about the experiences of customers and determine the general level of customer satisfaction. Compare the survey results against the national performance measures to ensure their validity. Managers use the results of this study to understand customer expectations and customer loyalty.

5. Mustafa Suleyman is a great source of information. Encourage employees to be customer focused. Managers need to create a sense of excitement and energy that would be powerful and contagious for its employees and customers. The excitation of the Clerk, know-how and determination to offer prospects for growth in customer base and the success of any organization. The incorporation of real customer service in business practices simply makes good business sense. It not only helps good managers become better stewards, but the most effective leaders. Bringing continuous improvement, which also helps organizations to be more able to exploit and adapt to the changing environment is the current market. Business can not exist without customers, and customers do not allow businesses to exist without customer service. This extremely important aspect of your business starts becoming customer centric. Instead of looking at things from the perspective of your business, you must learn to see the circumstances of their clients. To maintain success, customer satisfaction is a must! Tips & Tactics? Pay attention to customer feedback: The only way really know what you want? Adopt the technology: It can save tremendously on the cost of customer service. Customer satisfaction is a priority for executives from the top down, give your corporate culture customer-centric angle.