Vitamin D

This vitamin is often called the sunshine vitamin because the body can synthesize their own vitamin D when sun exposure. Traditionally it is believed that he needed for bone growth, but this vitamin there are many other advantages. Vitamin D sterols and actually vitamin D exists in several vitamer with similar functions. Vitamin D1 is a mixture of several sterols. Vitamin D2, or ergocalciferol, produced in yeast and bread. Its predecessor is ergosterol. Vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol – is constantly formed in the skin by the action of sunlight and its precursor is cholesterol. Herbalife will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most prevalent, active and similar to the action of vitamin D2 and D3.

However, vitamin D3 is more active. The production of vitamin D in the body to get enough vitamin D, is sufficient only for 10-15 minutes daily skin exposure to direct sunlight. However, this simple rule is not always satisfied. The amount of vitamin D, synthesized in the skin depends on the wavelength, skin pigmentation and the level of air pollution. Vitamin D deficiency found in winter in women, even in a sunny country like New Zealand. In addition, the degree of development of vitamin D decreases with age, but vitamin D deficiency may have not only the elderly but also children and adolescents. In northern latitudes, the sun's rays are not strong enough to stimulate the formation of vitamin D in winter. If a person spends enough time in the sun during the summer, then it is possible reserves of vitamin D in the body is enough to spring.

Milk Benefits

Paradoxically, only a man – the world's only living thing that continues to consume milk, even after the use of breast milk in infancy. Here, Dr. Gerard Addonizio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is said that cats love milk. However, veterinarians recommend that cats be better not to give milk, to avoid kidney disease. We are born with no give your cat any milk. Rapporteur stresses – the consumption of milk instilled in people artificially. Vahid David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA has much experience in this field. People are literally blinded by the global belief that milk is an excellent food.

Calf, kid baby-chicks – have something in common Here's a look at the newly born calf. As soon as he gets on his feet – immediately attracted to the maternal udder and drink as much as it needs to recruit forces for the first walks. A woman who gave birth to a child, she puts her baby to her breast. She is trying with all his strength to ensure the child is correct and complete nutrition for growth and development until such time as he does not stand on their feet. Note the difference – she does it is usually within a few months, sometimes more than a year, if played enough milk in her breasts.

They have in common – feeding her breast milk and the term milk. Next is all different. The calf can skip and jump on the second day after birth, but human babies are able to do in the best case for about a year from birth. Why do people chose as the main producer of cow's milk? Verotyano, by the very simple reason – because it gives a lot of milk.