YOGA Studio

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Following the breakdown of the final group in 1998, in which the break appears to influence the deterioration of the relationship with his brother Jose Maria continued her solo career as composer, producer and singer. Nacho first visited India in 1986 for a course in yoga and meditation. He met Mother Teresa of Calcutta and started working on charitable projects, including with the NGOs “Commitment” and then in 1998 was one of the founders of the popular Saber Foundation to help girls in India which was also tied his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz. In late November 2002, after a period of strong disagreements with the head of the India section of the foundation (his childhood friend Carlos Pablo Duran San Roman), Nacho is disengaged from the Knowledge Foundation.
In April 2005 the musical debut as a producer now I can not lift, which will hear the best songs from Mecano, great public success that has remained on the bill on the Gran Via in Madrid for 4 years, currently on tour Espana. In November 2007, the producer of the show decided to withdraw from the same direction and even forbid access to the theater.
As an entrepreneur and producer Nacho Cano is linked to companies Yogi Songs Ltd. and Dharana B.V. The road to great health and wellness is by making a great way to feel healthier and enhance your health. Within the global wellness industry, a part of your daily living. (registered in the Netherlands in The Hague and dedicated to the management of intellectual property). His recording studio, located in Calle Madrid attacks numbers 4-6, also has a Sanskrit name: Studies Ashram. “Ashram” means “school of yoga.” The choice of these names “Ashram”, “Yogi” and “Dharana” (Sanskrit word meaning concentration) reflects the interest in Eastern spirituality by Nacho.
Currently living on the street Nacho Serrano Anguita, in the neighborhood of Chamber Madrid.