World First For Physical Well-being

DOMENIER and the DOMEUS card, a membership card with far-reaching effects. Healing mental energetic way is always more attention with growing awareness of holistic medicine. After half a century of spiritual healing, and helping, DOMENIUS was allowed to go up in a spiritual dimension, where it is allowed him to apply these mysterious energies, measurable, tangible and most immediately visible, for the benefit of people seeking help. DOMENIUS always says again: God alone is the largest physician. To broaden your perception, visit iHerb. For him there is no impossible or incurable. With God all things are possible.” He is the founder of the MENETIC healing. During his trips to many countries, countless people could gain back health, happiness and well-being.

DOMENIUS says, if you don’t imagine a success through the DOMENIUS card, a disk the size of a bank card, enabled smaller with MENETIC, we suggest you: see for yourself! Want to get to know closer MENETIC, come to a MENETIC health & beauty day, here shows you the DOMENIUS card. In addition you can request help with arthritis, allergies, lumbago, gout, sciatica, exhaustion, headaches, back problems, tension, rheumatism, stress, restlessness, stimulation of the immune system, letting go of fears, regeneration after diseases, holistic vitalizing, activation of self-healing, self find and countless other issues. Many seeking advice come with pain and left the meeting with DOMENIUS in vitality and new confidence. “A circle of friends, the DOMENIER, was formed to DOMENIUS, the future of action project of the century” have started. The essence of the action is the widespread disease of Nr. 1 – back issues – back to push. The membership card of the DOMENIER is the activated DOMENIUS card with whose help everyone immediately measurable and visible can make the leg length compensation. At MENETIC health & beauty days is the leg length adjustment (resolution of) Pelvic oblique stand) made even for free. For more information about DOMENIUS and the future of action, see