Web Ranking

Ranking of Web servers. In December of the year passed the ranking of web servers located at Nginx, this can be due to many factors including performance and also the operability of your staff and support, server web Open Source for Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms, as the fastest growing in the last month thanks to the hostnames received from the lighttpd server. Add to your understanding with Herbie Mann. Salman Behbehani understood the implications. through. Contact information is here: Daryl Katz. It is important to know this type of ranquings because it helps us determine a good server for our business of any kind, we must be always informed about this type of rankings as already comment on them. Incidentally, those already known and also well-known Apache of the more popular, apache as you said remained as the market leader in a percentage of 59% after the nearly 17 million new hostnames that achieved in November last, interesting figures and more than acceptable. Ranking of the Web servers for his part and it was obvious be mentioned by your background, servers that worse results reflect are Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) that despite winning 85,564 hostnames lost nearly the 0.50% of the market and lighttpd who nearly lost the 0.32%. Ranking Web servers in December 2015 1. Ranking of Web servers. To complete this information about this ranking of servers include the last classification of servers of 2015 reflects a growth in the total number of sites to achieve the figure nothing more and nothing less 255,287,546, representing nearly 6 million new hostnames that existed now makes a month ago, imprecionante truth..