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The player uncovers a box at a time and hopes to crush a ball. Figures on free Fields indicate hidden balls in the bordering areas. Who combined these tips, can guess the exact position of the yet undiscovered treasures and mark them on the game board. The player who has his Board as the first “motorcade” has won at the end. Volker Bublitz, along with Stefan Zorn CEO of Falkensee Apps2Go GmbH: “special X-Mas Sweeperist the common games. The app fully supports game Center.

So it is no problem to challenge other players from all corners of the world to a match. Via the in-game voice chat, it is possible to talk with each other while playing, to sing carols together, or to distract the opponent. The beauty of the game Center is that to get know each other players with similar interests and share and play especially in the Christmas season not only for himself alone.” X Mas Sweeper: Spells instead of rates! X Mas Sweeper offers various “playgrounds” fragile surprises. Who does not know what to do, takes the magic wand and covers so particularly tricky areas on. “X-Mas Elves” (light) is a game board with 8 x 8 fields and ten hidden balls. “Snowman” (medium) already provides a Board with 16 x 16 fields and 40 Christmas balls. Really difficult to crack, “Santa Claus” is (difficult).

There are 16 x 30 fields with 99 precious baubles. Who shy away from the challenge and want a little practice, starts the “Freeplay”. In this 1-player mode, the game board is 9 x 9 squares large and hidden ten balls. These specifications can be but in the settings freely with the slider changed, so that it is possible to try out any game boards. X Mas sweeper (approx. 17 MB) is now in the iTunes AppStore before. The app is available in English and German in the category games. Homepage: app store: itunes.apple.com/de/app/x-mas-sweeper/… Information about the responsible companies: the Apps2Go GmbH (Stefan Zorn + Volker Bublitz) developed Smartphone and Smartpad apps in a very innovative way. Interested Computer science students or career changers to learn to real projects to put your knowledge into action. You will get the development platform and daily support directly to the project. After completion of a project, the participants are involved in the sales and can work with on request in the team further, up to the possibility of a permanent position. The support, ideas, network and infrastructure come by Apps2Go. Apps2Go GmbH, Glienicker str. 1e, 14612 Falcon Lake contact for the press: Stefan Zorn + Volker Bublitz Tel.: 03322-421-4052 fax: 03322-421 4055 E-Mail: Internet: this is a press release with current information only for journalists. This text is not intended for external recipients. The press office is also not authorized to answer questions about the product non-journalists. Like we give an interview to journalists or provide you with further information. PC programs, books, and games can we also for journalists Get test patterns – a request by E-Mail is sufficient. We are very happy, if you to keep us informed of publications. Online texts a link is enough for us, otherwise we look forward a copy, a scan, a PDF or a broadcast recording.