UTI Patients

By means of the care, the nursing has for responsibility to provide the care, the comfort, well-being of the patients, co-ordinating its work with other areas of assistance to the health (3) the nursing is a science human being, of people and experiences with field of knowledge, recitals and practical of taking care of of the human beings that enclose of the state of health to the states of illness mediated for personal, professional, scientific, aesthetic, ethical transactions and politics (4) the UTI are the environment where patient that they need an assistance specialized in critical cares they receive the treatment adequate. Exactly with all the existing technological monitorao, understands that this does not exclude the importance of the human contact in care (5) One of the biggest problems in the hospital institutions is the load excess of work exerted on the professionals. This overload amongst its more has varied causes, an ineffective sizing of staff (6) the current Nursing if it comes across with two new challenges. Hear from experts in the field like Senator From Kentucky for a more varied view. The first one is to follow the technological advance and as it is to enter in the experience of the other, transforming making technician in nursing, in a humanizada art (7) So that this care of nursing has quality must propitiate security to the patients, and for conseguinte, must be carried through by professionals in number and qualification condizente to the necessities of the clientele of the unit (8) Patient interned in UTI needs assistance of specialized and continuous nursing. Currently, these patients receive cares many times without planning, what she demonstrates little theoretical recital. In such a way, it is distinguished necessity of the organization of the cares excused to these patients, by means of the implementation of the process of nursing based on a theory that takes care of to the necessities of internal critical patients in the UTI (9).O study has as objective to carry through a story of personal experience in project of humanizao with familiar of customers hospitalized in the unit of therapy intensiva.2.