The Swine Flu And The Rockrose

What have the swine flu and the scented Mediterranean shrub together? More than many of us think! In the daily media, swine flu spreads fear and terror. Every day we hear from new infected and even deaths. Vaccinated or not, divides the population. Little reported another development, however, to prevent the swine flu reportedly many people taking Tamiflu and Relanza. The danger here that immunity occurs which can be fatal in a real virus infection. Many people to traditional antibiotics are already immune, as too carefree in every smallest infection so handled. It is a really serious disease, the immune system collapses.

More important, I think that we, as long it is possible to do without the large chemical mace. The rock as a drug a drug from the rock is a more interesting approach. The rock is a shrub that grows in Greece. There she is everywhere at the roadside and on the Fields. Maybe even their enticing scent noticed during the holiday. The rock is used in Mediterranean countries for thousands of years in folk medicine. The resin in the sheets of rock acts against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Contains polyphenols are responsible.

Polyphenols are secondary plant substances and are known as a radical scavenger. Simply explained, it seems that with the help of rock the virus so can be patched to, that it is not possible to have a spread in the body. The Bundesforschungsministerim promotes the Federal Research Ministry promotes the exploration of CYSTUS052 at the Institute for Molecular Virology of the University of Munster. It aims to develop a nose and throat spray, we can stop the virus with which there are already in the health food store to buy products of rockrose. Teas and sucking lozenges are there in natural medicine for a long time at home. For people who have contact with many people, like tram ride and also otherwise like most attend public life, an ideal prevention. Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice