The Pill

Adverse effect and risks for the health of the woman the main secondary effect that can be related with the use of the pill are: mood alterations, as depression and minor sexual interest, that is little common; nauseas; vomits and gastric malaise (more common in the three first months); light chronic headache; it has taken weight profit; nervousness; acne (it can improve or get worse, but generally it improves); tonteira; mastalgia; alterations of the menstrual cycle, as spots or bleeds in the intervals between the menstruaes, especially when the woman if forgets to take the pill or takes delayed (more common in the three first months), and amenorrhea; cloasma. Other possible physical alterations: the arterial pressure increases some points (mmHg). When the increase if must to the contraceptive ones prays agreed, the arterial pressure falls quickly after the interruption of the use of them. Beyond the Hipertenso, other complications can appear as cerebral vascular accident, infarto of the myocardium, trombose venosa deep. All these complications happen more frequently in smokers of any etria band. With this, the women run bigger risk the health, therefore the decurrent effect of the STEEL associated with the predisponent factors collaborate for the considered increase of morbimortalidade in the women who make use of the contraceptive verbal hormonais. Of this form, the main risk the woman how much the health is with regard to breast-feeding, that is, the suckling babies, therefore directly affects the quality and amount of milk, intervening with the amount of hormones in the woman, being that the risk is bigger between smokers (more than 15 cigarettes/day) with 35 years or more. In accordance with the currently available information, the pill does not increase the risk for breast and uterine col cancer, however new studies are necessary to get themselves more necessary conclusions. Moreover, doubts still exist on the possible acceleration of the evolution of preexisting cancers with the use of the pill.