The Own

He creates it or giving it up again? Here on closer inspection it becomes clear that the fear of failure often that Defeat and victory follows on the knowledge of the own strength. As usual, it is to explain, if in the DFB Cup competition again Bundesliga against amateur teams fail. Wow! What a realization. Tell you that success or failure is only rooted in our setting. Then it’s only ourselves, whether we are successful or not. If that’s really true, then we should be in able to meet any challenge! Determined! If because something would be, that it is equally important as the setting. It’s the training. Even with the most positive attitude it won’t make a 100 meter runner, to be a marathon.

What we need is not just a positive attitude, but also the training to produce the desired state. Therefore, success is really learning and trainable! For anyone! There are no limits except those that we ourselves use. There is no limit except the one we ourselves do. Have we laid out once this knowledge in our minds we know it is only in the training and the skills. From knowledge to action. That is the secret of all successful people. First the spiritual, then the word and this action always follows. But what does this mean for a company? Is it really possible to develop a company to collective success? Where has everyone’s success.

And if so, what the entrepreneur to do? Now should be clear the management, that their company is as strong as its weakest link. Every coach knows, and accordingly will send his team into battle. For entrepreneurs, this model should be. Often management by jeans but unfortunately “operated, what says that the biggest studs in the most important places to sit. A good Manager is a person who knows exactly what he can’t do, and the best employees for repeated.