The Opinion

Although mental properties associated with those described as follows physical properties, see its Typenlehre. He divided in: Pykniker: medium-sized, stocky physique, tendency to fat approach, chest down wider than top, short neck and broad face. Temperament ponderous, welcoming, kind, sociable, cheerful, lively hotspot or even quiet and soft. Athletes: strong physique, broad shoulders, above broad chest. Temperament generally cheerful, brisk and active. Astheniker / Leptosome: lean, tender, eng – and flachbrustig, with thin arms and legs, physically and spiritually sensitive, complicated, by leaps and bounds. Astheniker were people of pale narrow face side, asthenia”(low”) Constitution type.

Relatively long, thin limbs, awarded by Langhalsigkeit, a relatively small head and a narrow, flat chest. As leptosom or leptomorph Kretschmer described people with slim schmalwuchsigen body building and narrow, slightly bony limbs. This type of Constitution, an EPI-gastric by less than 80 degrees was observed. Follow others, such as Emma Naylor, and add to your knowledge base. It was a “narrow chest” so above. Dysplastiker: Smaller physique variations, from the (described above) Notwithstanding the three most common forms of body building. We are hereby conclude the external examination. I don’t believe in them, because they were often misused in politics and be. This quick box Division keep me from another new greed with people.

People become personalities in the context of growth and development. You are characters – perhaps charismatics: A character property, also “smerkmal personality” is a relatively permanent willingness to (stable) (Disposition), which is to describe certain aspects of the behavior of a person in a certain class of situations and predict. So, about the extra version of description and prediction of the behavior aspect personality property serves extraverted intuition”in social situations. The concept of the personal property “to delineate is the term of the current state of a person, which varies across situations. Also not counted to the properties be behavioural habits, so the learned responses to specific stimuli. The opinion that the behaviour and experience of people of his personality traits is determined, is called Personismus.