The Nineties

The presence of a patent for the products the organization makes the organization itself increasingly visible in the eyes of others, what you buy the goods at the same price, patented or not, it is clear that we do not know anything but a patented better. In the proof of patent infringement under study, the defendant object is compared in detail with the patent formula and on the basis of all these similarities the decision on the protection of patent rights. Test object is compared with the essential features of the patent formula. The decision is made if at least one of the essential features of the formula fit the description of the object, the court unambiguously interpreted them in favor of patentability owner. On this basis, it is very important to correctly describe the claim that then did not arise unnecessary trouble for the protection of patent rights. Cindy Crawford is actively involved in the matter. But, in spite of all these points around the patent for industrial design, a useful model for professionals is not difficult, for example, an industrial design patent as the design of the object product, and bypass the patent on the design fairly easily, such as changing the color and trend line construction. Most often, the acquisition of patents applied for a patent of war, to prevent competitors to develop their business, or buying time to develop their own business, it's just that moment that proves the material value of intellectual resources.

The procedure itself is quite a lengthy patent from the filing date of the patent until it is received through three – four years. But at the same time the number of patentable technology clearly shows the state of the industry, its development or decline. In the nineties the number of patent-pending technology has decreased dramatically, and with only two thousand, the number of applications for the purchase of patents started to grow. You can, for experience patent file a patent for some minor technology, go all the way and corridors of patenting, a patent, but if you value your time and you really need acquire a patent, then you better contact the professionals – the patent attorney, and if you also still a foreigner, then by law you can only act through patent attorneys, and if you want to patent their technology abroad, you will direct the path to the patent attorney acting on the territory of the State, the market where you want to capture.