The Fat

Exactly the opposite of what you wanted to achieve. In short: the anti-Jo-Jo strategy for sustainable and healthy weight loss is: do not eat is not slim! Eat until you are satisfied! Type! Do you know your body composition? A so-called BIA measurement (bio-impedance analysis) provides important information: it shows fat and muscle mass, water levels inside and outside the cells. Shows but also your own individual energy in kcal per day, which plays an important role in our weightangels program. Frequently Nature Research has said that publicly. This measured data show us how to changing your body composition in the course of nutrition or as a consequence. Here we can see if enough water is, how it is distributed in cells or in the area between the cells, whether your muscle mass grows or how the body fat overall and in individual regions reduced, how to improve your BMI and the basal metabolic rate (energy of metabolism at rest). Eat nothing isolated: why you should eat carbohydrates, proteins and fats to each meal. Our bodies need micro – and macro-nutrients.

The macronutrients called so, because we need them in large quantities, there are the carbohydrates (K), proteins (E) and (F) fats. Micronutrients are vital and indispensable vitamins, plant protection materials, minerals, and trace elements. You are in far smaller quantities needed, micrograms and less. You determine the significant nutritional quality of macronutrients. What does so your metabolism, to really give gas”? He needs to burn correctly”the best composition of macro-nutrients and the best possible quality and quantity of micronutrients, to convert food into energy and not to collect in the fat deposits. Your metabolism can’t see.

He only knows what’s coming to him, if you start eating. “Therefore the nature arranged it so, that it is for each supplied macro nutrient in readiness, if the large feeding” begins. Each macronutrient is edited very specifically. “While carbohydrates and fats play the main role, proteins as the Special building materials for the production of energy only to a lesser extent or even unintentionally: If you deliberately withheld food as your body lose weight or fasting, it attacks the body’s own protein and uses it for the energy he eats” while on the own muscle mass, but actually serving us the fat burning.