The Body

Permanently, this can lead to less health and obesity. With all this potential follow-on diseases. You should know your metabolic type. Because only you can make your diet this type of metabolism. The right amount: Why eat too little makes it not slim.

… Food …bis you are satisfied! Each meal also which is still so healthy Apple occasionally causes a rise in blood sugar. For more information see this site: Solgar. Only a longer period between meals can decrease blood sugar levels to a level that also stimulates fat burning. Under most conditions Nature’s Bounty would agree. Pause between 2 meals are ideal for 4-5 hours. Starvation or meals missed, only to outwit the balance in the short term, but also not permanently leads to success, but causes the yo-yo effect programming. Our metabolism still lives in the stone age, he is to cope with the shortage, and set the overcoming of adversity.

That is, when too little food intake, he switches on the back burner, is slower and intensified efforts to build up reserves for a rainy day. “You have to teach him, that it not bad food times” more. He learns this but only if you show him that he always gets what he needs, just to avoid the dreaded and hated Yo-Yo, which gives us more bacon rolls and less fat in no time as we’ve ever had. So: Sick of you eat enough but only. Maybe that is you hard at the beginning. But your metabolic rate gives you a clear signal for Hello in the long term, I’m full.” Again, you must learn to listen to this signal. Conclusion: You will learn to miss no meals, to try the scale a cheat to beat. Here, too, the result is quite sure: yo-yo. And: even worse is that he breaks down even the body’s own protein, your muscle mass, while a slightly longer lustre and converts the energy so much needed by the body. But: little muscle mass = little fat burning! So growing by starving the fat and muscle mass decreases.