Preparation Exercises

During pregnancy – is the wave of change. Changing not only the physical sensations, emotional background, the changes relate to the very foundations of perception, when the mind's own 'I' is replaced by awareness of 'I-mama', '+ I wonder new life. " Preparation for childbirth – a new level of responsibility and the joy of waiting time, the full expression of femininity, mature wisdom. Pregnancy can be compared to a journey along the river, ending rapid waterfall – the process of childbirth. More info: Senator From Kentucky. Will it be a quiet smooth flow – depends on the ability to relax and accept all the changes, noting the beauty of what is happening, the ability to distribute their forces, and, of course, by believing in yourself.

Eastern Gymnastics in preparation for childbirth combines elements of qigong and yoga. The basis of qigong (literally, chi energy, Gong – force) is an opportunity to raise the charge of the internal energy with the help of special exercises and smooth relaxation through movement. Movements are performed freely and effortlessly, like a slow dance, and captures the attention of all the sensations batching them within pleasant. In this case, the body open up, leaving the muscle clips improves blood flow, oxygen and vital energy (it flows through the 'vessels', like blood) all organs and tissues. Expectant mother to prepare for childbirth at the same time trains and revitalizes your body and improves baby food. In qigong exercises are very important to listen to yourself, mind, as a rider, 'sitting' on the move.

Cocoa For Health

Cocoa for Health turns, powder of cocoa beans in folk medicine used to treat many diseases. Cocoa normalizes the level of cholesterol in the body, supports normal function of blood, helps wound healing. It has a lot of fiber and folic acid. And on zinc content of cocoa – the leader among other products. Cocoa – a very nutritious product that perfectly restores power after an illness (but only if it No allergic reactions). With angina and migraine attack is very helpful to drink 1-2 cups of hot cocoa during the day (and if you want more). Relieves migraine attack, soothes the throat. To expel worms Mix 2 tbsp.

l. cocoa powder, 2 tbsp. l. crushed pumpkin seeds peeled, 1 tsp. sugar, add a little water. Divide dough into 20 parts and roll the balls out of it. In the morning on an empty stomach take 1,5-2 Art.

l. castor oil, then every Ten minutes Eat on the ball. Hemorrhoids and inflammation of the rectum should make candles from 2 g of cocoa and 0,2 propolis extract. Candles daily injected into the rectum at bedtime and leave overnight. The course of treatment – a month, then need to make a break for 3-4 weeks and repeat the course. In bronchial asthma Mix 500 g of honey, 500 g of mutton fat and butter, 100 grams of cocoa and 10 eggs. Mixture to a boil and cook for 1-2 minutes after boiling on low heat, then, a glass of hot milk.

Spa Treatments

Spa philosophy involves a holistic approach to human health. This means that the body is perceived as a whole, rather than a set of organs or symptoms, each of which must be treated separately. For health are equally important as the nutrients contained in cosmetics and positive impulses that we perceive through the five senses – touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. Holistic drifts combine the traditions of ancient healing and modern technological advances, the traditions of East and West. .

Using a supporting force of the water, the therapist makes a soft, stretch the muscles. At the While joint working, the patient's muscles are relaxed. Each subsequent move smoothly from the preceding. Rhythmic breathing and smooth. helps to achieve deep relaxation, release body pain, and head – From unpleasant thoughts, find peace and ease. Acupuncture and acupressure. System of integrated curative effects on the body, used in China and other Eastern countries for more than one millennium.

Influencing certain points on the body with needles (acupuncture) or hands (acupressure), we can improve the overall condition of the patient to cure many diseases. Acupressure reflexology. Traditional Chinese massage active points on the feet. With stimulation of these points is to strengthen the whole body, increases the overall tone, relieves muscle tension. Ayurveda. Almost any spa offers its clients the Ayurvedic procedure. Of course, this is absolutely not the ceremonies, which are made of ancient Indian physicians, because for them, Ayurveda was a way of life. In Spa Treatments centuries-old traditions seamlessly interwoven with contemporary spa philosophy, and the word "Ayurveda" takes on new meaning.