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Tool for your car owners even cutting-edge and reliable cars sooner or later you may need auto tool: for minor repairs or car maintenance, as well as for the case when breakdown happens at the most inopportune moment, away from the service center. If you want auto-tools "just in case the fire", it is enough to set a minimum: screwdrivers, special keys, pliers. A fans to dig under the hood, or spend time in the garage, looking for a car, for sure come in handy manual winch, jack, and an expanded set of Professional auto. The range of TM INTERTOOL a wide selection of high quality automotive tools from sockets and extension cords to the hydraulic jacks. With us you can always pick up and buy auto-tools: vorotki, keys, select the appropriate type of jack, stands for the car, sockets, extension cords and ratchet vorotki various modifications.

All presented in our range of products meets the relevant requirements for safety, quality materials and workmanship. TM INTERTOOL regularly updated range of auto-tools and tends to keep prices at acceptable levels for consumers. Instrument, labeled the trademark INTERTOOL, made of High quality chrome-vanadium steel with strict observance of the production process all the technological requirements to ensure product quality. Finishing – chrome-nickel plated, securely protects the instrument from corrosion. Why buy a set of tools? Good versatile set of tools – is not only a wonderful gift for any man, but also a profitable investment. (Source: Wendy Rene). Agree: ready to buy set of necessary devices in the home, which will be carefully packed in a handy bag – it's easier and cheaper than to buy each tool separately. A quality set of tools useful and motorist and the mechanic-repairer and builder and DIY.

Of course, sets of hexagons, the keys Torx and sockets are required, first of all, those who are independently engaged in repairing the car. But small set of screwdrivers or a universal set of tools – these are the things needed in every home. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dan Ariely. No screwdriver is impossible today to make out any electrical outlet, or to change the battery in a child's toy. So handy for thrifty owner should always be a few slotted and Phillips screwdrivers with different diameters. Buying toolkits TM INTERTOOL, you are guaranteed to buy branded tools for quality not inferior to the famous brands. Here you can select a set of tools for every taste – from a small set of only a few tools to simply huge, with more than one hundred items. Widely represented toolkits for cars – the so-called auto-dialing of those elements that at any moment it may be necessary motorist. Large selection of sets allows you to choose the best option for virtually any client. Tool kits are available in individual packaging. Convenient boxes-cases are specially made for certain sets and contain the necessary excavation and retention for each of the instruments. The new series is packaged in sets Cases made of durable plastic, with tightly closed metal locks, and the corners are protected with aluminum briefcase linings. Stylish and high quality set of tools will be an excellent gift for man who in his spare time he enjoys tinkering something with their hands. Birthday party, a professional holiday, Feb. 23 – an excellent opportunity for such a gift.