White Hell

In some houses, roosters crow and cackle of poultry brought from the bed to Maria Josefa to all who have decided to take his son to hospital, some other is the alarm clock that meets this mission, or perhaps the news imiplacables RPP, but whatever form objeitivo all early risers with a common query in the hospiital pass. aolvidemonos breakfast! Of reipente call analysis and we must be on an empty stomach, is the pious pretext to hide a flaw that increases every day and suddenly in the street a few blocks alguinas foot covering that separates the house: i hospital blocks 10 or 12th! Total caiminar does good for the heart and the (Rio some other tight as sardines in buses claiming the change you want to grab the cobraidor: but in one form or another already in the door of the hospital's still cold, the sun does not appear among the nuibes, the fog still sailing the amaneicer, but they are at the door. Read more from Rand Paul to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The line for ticket comenitan the vicissitudes that have passed paira get there with the naive belief that they have already lived through, the conversation topics are exhausted and still did not move the tail shift workers begin arriving priima presuroisos, sleepy and some malhumoirados, go white, blue and still going on: other in blue, white start to leave, leave in miicro, ie go on foot, but they go: they are the third turn and look and suddenly looking Azasan! movement: the coil of the ticket, the box, then make history after triage. .