Pilates Physio Launches New Device: Exo Chair

Created for use by students of different technical levels, the chair Exo Chair – Pilates Phyisio launch of Equipamentos – Balanced Body – provides Pilates enthusiasts improved cardio-respiratory exercises. This is possible because the Exo Chair has two docks with eight different resistance settings, allowing different groups of muscles to exercise. In addition, the team offers more complex exercises interested. In turn, you can purchase, separately, kits functional resistance. Built of wood, the new chair pedal Exo Chair has padded, comfortable and slip-resistant, providing maximum security to the students. Created for Pilates classes in a group, the chair Exo Chair is compact and easier to store, still a good choice for Pilates practitioners to exercise advanced levels at home. Also, and although its design is 40% smaller than traditional chairs, the Exo Chair allows 50% more exercises than the other models. PHYSIO PILATES: Physio Pilates is an organization of companies operating in the areas of manufacturing equipment and Pilates equipment, in training and professional certification in the Pilates Method, and also in making clothing for the practice of Pilates and other sports .

Physio Pilates Equipments is licensed to South America Balanced Body Company Inc, a brand that supplies equipment to the most popular Pilates instructors in the world. Pilates equipment must have a modern and practical design, also are built with wood from reforestation, which contributes to environmental conservation. Pilates Physio Educacao has licensed the Polestar Education LLC, responsible for training and certification in the Pilates Method of more than 1,700 professionals in Brazil and other South American countries. The system created by the Polestar Pilates, adapting to each practitioner’s body is the result of scientific research and is used worldwide. Pilates Physio Style signature line of sportswear, made by a team of fashion to practice Pilates and other related exercises.

The clothes, made with high quality fabrics, are created based on the idea of comfort and freedom of movement. A turn can be used in any environment and not only during exercise. Pilates The Pilates Method is the name of Joseph Hubertus Pilates, the creator of this method, born in the early twentieth century. The Method Pilates uses specific principles to promote a balance between body and mind, developing the strength, stretching and flexibility. Physio Pilates classes performed according to the body and the needs of each practitioner. “Anyone can do Pilates. We have specific techniques of Pilates for children, pregnant women, elderly, people with neurological problems or bone, etc.. “Said Alice Becker. Physio Pilates apparatus introduced in Brazil Gyrotonic Exotica. Produced and exported by the company exclusively for all of South America, the Gyrotonic Exotica device works as a holistic therapy that treats people from diverse lifestyles and offers several benefits to practitioners. Thus, develops strength, flexibility and stamina, while strengthening the abdominal region. The unit also Gyrotonic Exotica relieves joint pain, improves range of motion and aids in injury rehabilitation. The device promises to encourage Gyrotonic Exotic gyms and studios around the country.