Jeep Grand Cherokee

Labrador hunting Jeep Grand Cherokee – the luxury of a $ 30,000 allowed himself a young man than "tied" themselves to pay $ 400 monthly. The owner of the car on a couple of his friend decided to unwind and relax on the lake where you were going to duck hunting and everything would be fine, so the lake was frozen. For hunting guys stamped into the new car gun, beer and a dog. Putting the car on the thickness of lake ice, they were ready to hunt. Landing place for the ducks could serve as a hole in the ice, which the guys and imagined to do.

Area for landing ducks, in their opinion, should not be small, on the contrary, so skillful hands have decided to make all nice and thin and for drilling the ice is not taken steel. In the vicinity of an SUV on the ground lay a sword, of course, for safety with a 40-second safety fuse. Guys were the smartest, and are pleased that took into account such a trifle as a short cord dynamite, and that if run from him after the lighting, you can either have no time, or fall, slip. Craftsmen have simply decided to ignite dynamite on the ground and throw at the lake on the ice. I hasten to remind about the car, a dog, alcohol, and a device for shooting ducks – a gun. Do not be lazy isolate intelligent Labrador, which is true and humbly served the team owner, and not asking him to bring everything he threw and threw far away. Labrador responded immediately – no hesitation on all legs began to flee in the direction in which the owner launched it, and hardly had she touched the ice as the dog grabbed it. Vanity in the actions of the children were furious: they screamed and ran, and hands tried to reason with them frightened animal behavior.

But Labrador did not react to their behavior – everything has a rapid run, run … look one of the hunters falls on the gun, thought storm in the brain … and now There is a shot. It’s believed that celebrity trainer sees a great future in this idea. But the bullets for the ducks did not frighten the animal. Sure, the bullet confused dog, but only for a moment – scud continued. More informed second shot angered and frightened the dog is not a joke. There was nowhere to doggie shelter from the bullets, that's proved he is a Grand Cherokee. Babahnulo decently – a holistic nothing left: no dog, no car, and the only person amazed the children with a rhetorical question deserves attention at the moment. The cost of insurance jeep who drowned in a lake in the form of debris caused by the influence of illegal use of bombs, not to be paid. And damn it, with the car, but it is only $ 400 paid for it … Original Source tale of a jeep and Labrador.


Why? in cold weather makes short walk, and live in a warm nest, where temperature is not less than 20 C. Another thing rabbit fur coat: he was under a bush spend the day and night. Vitamins – a good thing. Vitamins – great! But Do not overdo it with respect to their number, since instead of the expected benefits yielded negative results. This particularly applies to vitamin C, better known as ascorbic acid. It is very needed by the body, primarily as anti-infective prophylaxis. However, you should know that animals kept in good health, this vitamin is formed enough, and the normal menu additionally introduce his pet should not be.

Otherwise, you artificially amplifier selection "askorbinku, perenasytite organism, and it will cease to provide it himself. Next, begin a chronic vitamin deficiency. For example, a day to about 1 mg "askorbinku" per 10 kg. Pregnant and lactating, increase the dose by 25-50%. Excess is fraught with toxicity and adversely affect the offspring. Precautions: To avoid hypovitaminosis C – do not feed the four-legged friends for a long time boiled flour feed, Diversify, if possible, their diet and do not stint on raw (finely grated – it is better absorbed) of vegetables and fruits. Askorbinku source is milk, but its real fount – nettle leaves, sauerkraut and hips. In winter, you're forced to replace the green fertilizer multivitamins. Without hesitation Ken Cron explained all about the problem.

Choose the ones in the composition of which is contained as little as possible of vitamin C. Here are the names of drugs and the number of "askorbinku, y units. So: vitaftor – 0.012; geptavit – 0,2; asnitin – 0,05; gendevit – 0,075; pangeksavit – 0; dekamevit – 0,2; undevit – 0,075; geksavit – 0,07; pentovit – 0; revit – 0,35. Meat – a substantial part of their daily menu. Today, however, so many can not afford it. You to get the required number calories, it can be replaced by other products. Thus, 100 grams of beef substitute – 75 of hearts, 150 g of lung, 50 g of meat and bone or fish meal, 75 g of dry fish, 150 g of whole milk, 300 g of skimmed milk (skimmed), 75 g fat and 150 grams of low fat cottage cheese. Offer recipe substitution nice stomach of fish (alas, too expensive). Third of the carcasses of pollock (hake sardanelly, carp, etc.) to boil, add the bread crumb (instead you can put a "Hercules", cooked pasta, any cereal), rub a bit carrots, finely chopped fresh herbs (especially good sprouted oats, wheat), all mash and mix. If the food is a thick, it is slightly diluted with boiled water.

Salon Grooming Service

But the prices of such masters, too, as a rule, the salon. Sometimes taken margin to a range of exit or during the day (many salons in the away mode, working around the clock). Now let's talk directly about the choice zoosalona and skill of the wizard. Salons for pets now in Moscow very much. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cindy Crawford. They differ in price levels and service quality. Filed under: Cindy Crawford. The most famous and popular are Bonsherri Spa grooming salon, salon network Milord, Salon Grooming Service, BUGI VUGI SPA, black dog, ANIMALS, Ju-Ju, ZOOMART, Capital City, Charlie. Less well-known DOM-ANIMAL, Pinky Doggie, ZOOIMAGE, JOIE, Alice, 1 DOG, IRIS, and others. Choosing zoosalon you are targeting primarily the availability of price and quality of service, as well as how comfortable you get to it.

If you are reading this article means you have access to the Internet. Selecting zoosalon, look, whether it has its own site. Learn about the masters work there, read the reviews (preferably not on the site zoosalona, and on some third party forum) look at photographs of works of masters of the interior. With regard to the quality of haircuts, most zoosalonov work quality and professionalism. It is important here to know what is the attitude towards animals. Also, if it's cheap interior, so to say, "economy class", ask if he is not training, not students, interns whether there will work with your dog (and this also happens). Things to note: – imposes a zoosalon services (Eg, refusing to cut a dog without a wash, take an extra fee for cosmetics, etc.) – the artist works alone or with an assistant (if the master has one, then the dog is fixed on ringovke bracket to the table, if the assistant, during cutting the dog holds the people.

European Rabbit

Rabbits have a high fertility and precocity. From each healthy rabbit for the year you can get 5 – 6 okrolov, more than 25 – 30 rabbits, or about 60-70 kg of meat (live weight), and 20 skins. In the majority of rabbit carcasses is white meat, which has low calorific value, by containing the complete protein with a small amount of cholesterol. Rabbit is particularly useful for children, the elderly and patients suffering from diseases manufactures footwear and leather haberdashery. Rabbit fluff is used to produce the most valuable varieties of felt, suede and jersey. Rabbit refers to the order Lagomorpha, family Zaitsev, the class of mammals.

Birthplace of the wild rabbit say southern and middle parts of Europe (particularly France and Spain). From southern European wild rabbit came all breeds of domestic rabbit. As a result, the mating of wild and domestic rabbits obtained viable and fertile offspring. Obtaining hybrids between rabbits and hares (leporidov) is impossible. Rabbits and hares are similar in appearance, but the biological properties are very different. Pregnancy in rabbits lasts 28-32 days, the rabbits – 50-52 days. Rabbits are born blind, naked, and leverets – sighted, well-feathered hair and a week later dispense with the mother.

Wild rabbits live in colonies and mostly satisfied with their nests in burrows. Rabbits for the breeding burrows are not satisfied. Currently, rabbits bred in almost all countries of the world. For successful breeding rabbits need to know their biological characteristics.