Positive Thinking

When in we feel unfortunate persons to them for not obtaining to give the return to one definitive problem, frequent somebody in says ‘ to them; ‘ what she is necessary is to have thought positivo’ ‘. Who will be apanhado of surprise for this affirmation does not obtain to understand as it is that the positive thought goes to decide the problem concrete that it possesss! As it is that thinking positively one decides, as that for miracle, the existing problem! The positive thought exists relatively in counterpoint to the negative thought. Which is the advantage, for we, in terms positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts? When we have a problem any that we do not obtain to decide and it bothers in them sufficiently, to the point to be overwhelming, gotten depressed or exactly rightened, if to keep a negative attitude that it consists of having defeatist feelings, feelings of pessimism, feelings of incapacity to decide problems, what it goes to happen is that it stops beyond not giving none contributo positive, rational, for the resolution of the problem, we are to increase the dimension of the problem to decide, which comes now affected of a terrible negative load that is added by proper us, becoming a snow ball always to grow with the continuity of the negative thoughts. That is, the negative thought does not decide nothing and alone it comes to still more complicate the resolution of the problem, becoming our little discerning mind. The positive thought, for the opposite, has the initial virtue of calming in them (through the freed endorfinas), of clarificar the problem to decide, to become our more discerning mind and to define clearly the limits of the problem. With positive thoughts, we are with the mind most open, do not enter in anxiety with as much easiness, do not enter in panic, we control the situation better.