The smile that illuminates its face, resembles it the sunrise, awakes that me of a deep sleep where I am suffering abstinence from joy. To abstain me from you is to deprive me of the direction of living. To be without you is as to be in one total alone dark and closed room. to be thus for much time takes me it surtos of insanity, and tears of pain I think that in the distance she is worse enemy of us two. Get all the facts and insights with iHerb, another great source of information. nothing that I make encourages me to run away for its arms These cursed seconds that step and living creature without you are torturantes! I try to leave this dark room. I try to make with that hear you me. But this pain that I feel to suffocate me not me leaves in peace, does not leave me to be happy.

Nor the least to sketch one singelo smile. I understand that everything that I feel at this moment of madness is the consequence of its feelings. To know that everything this, beyond me dilacera also its heart (that one whose you always swore to be mine pra) me backwards still more you distress I do not have more tears pair to cry. I do not have more forces to fight against this solitude I lie down myself in the soil of this dark and cold room. adormeo. Suddenly I feel all to clarear. I open my eyes and I see the scene of my redemption you with the smile of the sunrise (text made in homage to my boyfriend Jeferson Espindola de Almeida)