Others, intact as if they had spent nothing but a bullet in his head that covered her hair almost entirely. The young man who had never been to a place, felt his legs trembled and feared for a moment Ruth can not help in your search. She was watching one by one the bodies lying. Suddenly he pounced on one of them. The young man knew him. His clothing was described Tati. Her face was intact. Not even showed surprise or pain.

Probably did not have time to realize what was happening. Only had machine-gunned his chest. Ruth clung to her son's face weeping uncontrollably. a "No way! This is a nightmare. No way! I refuse to accept it. Can not be here! Can not! – And without saying but his body fell heavily on his son's body.

"Help, help, I need help, began to scream desperately young. "Someone come and help. He continued shouting several times each harder and harder, while Ruth remained unconscious on the body of his son. When a nurse was present, seeing the situation, immediately went in search of a stretcher. They took Ruth, still unconscious, to the ER. There he was injected with a sedative and entered a room. When he awoke, and at dawn, Ruth began to cry wildly. A nurse rushed to his aid immediately trying to calm her, but failed to do its job. "I want my son. I want to bring my son cried harder and harder Ruth, turning to the nurse.