Catherine Palace

The range of dishes is amazing in its diversity. History Some food has more than two thousand years. Here you will find only 18 species of meat kebabs, lamb in tonir, kyufta, sheep and goat cheese, dolma, rabbit, Tzhvzhik, kuru in Yerevan on a fire and lots of other yummy – Cooking Chef "Hodzhabek" (pork tenderloin with hazelnut cranberry sauce), beef heart in chicken hearts and Javahk in Kapan. Well, some Armenian cuisine without the wine and brandy. In bottles, jugs, in ceramic vessels from quince, pomegranate, blackberry – for every taste and every table! And cornel and mulberry vodka, which is even prescribed as a medicine.

Average ticket also is good news – only 500-1000 rubles. Specifically, to feel the spirit of the golden age Russia should visit the restaurant chain, located in the royal palaces. Restaurant "Great Orangery" Peterhof is located in the wonderful gardens of the Lower Park, a restaurant, "Michael", located in the Benois Wing State Russian Museum, the Catherine Palace restaurant "Tsarskoe Present." Luxurious interiors, the royal kitchen the atmosphere of great balls, receptions, and court intrigues. To someone who is not indifferent to Hunting kitchen, you should definitely go to a restaurant "The Beast", nestled in an oasis of Alexander Park. Animal skins hanging on the walls, stuffed animals, a large fireplace made of brick light, warming space, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Menu especially please fans of deli meats. Venison dishes and traditional dishes of a rich Russian table presented here in abundance. Moreover, they can enjoy for a very reasonable prices. Judge for yourself: jerked venison with gherkins and cabbage salad will cost you 198 rubles, smoked bear meat with carrots and acute soaked cranberries – to 199, and smoked goose breast on a hill of fresh lettuces and pears served with croutons, parmesan and saffron dressing – just 168. We also recommend to pay particular attention to items such as the taiga dumplings, pie with various fillings and, of course, to the page "Hot dishes with grill and smoker. " The latter – just the triumph of the chef! That there is only one polukilogrammovoe "Veprevo knee," baked with chili and garlic, and smoked in alder with cherry (350 rubles), or medallions of venison, fried birch charcoal with white mushroom sauce (394 rubles). Lovers sit with friends over a glass of beer, we can recommend a network of pubs restaurants "Beer 0.5." Interior Beer recalls the glorious years economic prosperity of the Soviet Union. Soundtrack – the classic 70's pop 90s. On large screens – the most interesting broadcast sporting events. But most importantly, all the same beer! 12 varieties of draft beers, including such as the famous "Guinness", "Kilkenny", "Huharden", "Erdinger" and many others, as well as the "Factory" – from the father – as written in the menu. The motto of the institution: "Beer, it should be!"

Daily Cal

By four months, well-fed rabbit reaches weight 3-3.5 kg, which is about 60 times its weight at birth. Smelling the rabbit is much more developed than vision. This is confirmed by the fact that the grafting of rabbit rabbits others it does not matter their color and only by the smell of a mother can tell strangers and destroy them. Distinguish the smell of the rabbits and feed. Among the new feed, they are cautious, long sniffs. Need patience to train animals to them. In nature, rabbits dig holes in the cage so the rabbit and in front of the lowest waiting OKROL dark place. That is why the maternity unit cell needs to be done with a remote door and floor grate in it to set lower than in the bright compartment, or just remove it before OKROL.

Determine the rabbit milk yield can be as newborn rabbits. Do female rabbits vysokomolochnoy lie quietly in the nest. Taurus them round, the skin is smooth, shiny, without wrinkles and folds. They growing rapidly. You can define the milking and other means; OKROL female flip on its back and two fingers to press the mammary gland. In rabbit milk vysokomolochnoy will make a big drop or trickle.

Effect on breast feeding have a condition, quality of feed, animal age, the number of OKROL, season, breed, etc. During the summer milking increases, due to the predominance in the diet of greens and juicy feed. The maximum milk yield occurs after the 3-4th OKROL. The reason for low milk yield of their rabbits are often obese and sedentary. Obese rabbit breeding rabbits lose their ability. To avoid this You can, if reduced to a diet of high protein feeding rate of feed (grain, animal feed) and to introduce more green and succulent feed, as well as giving the animal more freedom of movement. Rabbits, like some other animals, eat their own feces, which emit at night and morning. Daily Cal – hard, dry in the form of pellets. Night – a soft and watery, the balls are deformed and form small clumps. It contains 3.5 times more protein and 2 times less fiber than the daily. It is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Soft (nocturnal) stool is difficult to see in the cells, because the rabbits eat it right out of the anus. For this purpose they are arranged front legs, arching between the hind legs, reaching anus.