Now there are many different building materials, which not only warmed the facade, but also gives it a beautiful appearance. More info: celebrity trainer. One way of heat insulation and decoration of the facade at the same time is facing thermopanels polyurethane with ceramic tiles. Facing Thermopanel – it's holistic facade system, consisting of a layer of polyurethane foam, covered with ceramic tiles, which serves as a protective and decorative screen. Add to your understanding with celebrity trainer. Polyurethane foam – is the most effective insulation for the moment, featuring low thermal conductivity, durability and environmental friendliness, as it has no odor and no harmful substances. Paving tiles are produced by high-temperature firing shale.

Because of this clinker tile can rightly be called 100% natural material, which is the strength and resistance to environment than many breeds of natural stone. If you chose it for thermopanels, it immediately raises the question: how to choose those that fit for you? There are several criteria thermopanels selection: First, it is color, texture and manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Secondly, it is necessary to choose the correct thickness thermopanel that will most effectively conserve heat in your home. And, third, is a manufacturer thermopanels, it is no secret that each of them has its own technology for manufacturing polyurethane foam termopeneley, which determines their appearance and performance. But first things first.

On Today there are many manufacturers of ceramic tiles that offer all sorts of colors, textures and sizes of the material. The leaders in this industry are German manufacturers such as Feldhaus, Stroeher and ABC klinkergruppe, that one of the first began to make building materials out of shale. German clinker tiles – is a superior quality, latest technology and the broadest palette of color-texture-making, but not always affordable price category. In terms of market competition, of course, began to show companies that offer an alternative to the German ceramic tile. This Spanish manufacturer of clinker (for example, Exagres), and Chinese (Red Lion), and Russian (clinker +). This fact can not but rejoice, because they use existing experience and modern technology, in addition they did clinker tiles more affordable, not less in quality, but can not yet offer a wide range of colors and textures of a variety of ceramic tiles. Continuation of the article, visit the website